The Famous Birthdays: Celebrity birthdays and famous people biographies

Famous 11 year olds

Naz Norris

Naz Norris (11)

Australian YouTube star
Maya Le Clark

Maya Le Clark (11)

American actress
Reese Herron

Reese Herron (11)

American Instagram star
Russell Franke

Russell Franke (11)

American YouTuber
Jordyn Raya James

Jordyn Raya James (11)

American actress
Perri LeRoy

Perri LeRoy (11)

American Youtuber
Blayke Busby

Blayke Busby (11)

American reality star
Demi Adriano

Demi Adriano (11)

American YouTuber and gymnast
Willow Sage Hart

Willow Sage Hart (11)

Daughter of Pink
Harper Beckham

Harper Beckham (11)

English internet star and daughter of David Beckham
Olivia Johnson

Olivia Johnson (11)

American YouTuber
Ben Hampton

Ben Hampton (11)

American YouTube star
Elizabeth Swims

Elizabeth Swims (11)

American YouTube star
Presley Walker

Presley Walker (11)

American YouTuber
Woo woo

Woo woo (11)

American YouTube star
Olivia Pierre

Olivia Pierre (11)

American YouTuber

WooWoo (11)

American online star and rapper
Gavin Thomas

Gavin Thomas (11)

American social media star
Zoe Fish

Zoe Fish (11)

Canadian actress
Ravi Cabot-Conyers

Ravi Cabot-Conyers (11)

American actor
Sebi Rich

Sebi Rich (11)

American YouTuber
Kamryn Smith

Kamryn Smith (11)

American dancer
Jeremy Maguire

Jeremy Maguire (11)

American actor
Celestine Chuahiock

Celestine Chuahiock (11)

Filipino YouTuber
Bella Boo

Bella Boo (11)

American YouTube star
Dannah Lockett

Dannah Lockett (11)

American social media star
Bmx Caiden

Bmx Caiden (11)

American YouTube star
Arabella Kushner

Arabella Kushner (11)

Grand-daughter of Donald Trump
Little Big Toys

Little Big Toys (11)

Filipina YouTube personality
River Mason Eromosele

River Mason Eromosele (11)

Nigerian-American actor, model, and author
Quaden Bayles

Quaden Bayles (11)

Australian victim of bullying
Rudolph Ingram

Rudolph Ingram (11)

American athlete