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Famous 12 year olds

Ryan Kaji (RyanToysReview)

Ryan Kaji (RyanToysReview) (12)

American YouTube star
Blue Ivy Carter

Blue Ivy Carter (12)

Daughter of Beyonce and Jay Z
Kane Atwood

Kane Atwood (12)

American social media star
PaisLee Nelson

PaisLee Nelson (12)

American YouTube star
Maya Le Clark

Maya Le Clark (12)

American actress
Sienna Fizz

Sienna Fizz (12)

British YouTuber
DeLayNee Nelson

DeLayNee Nelson (12)

American YouTube star
Reese Herron

Reese Herron (12)

American Instagram star
Russell Franke

Russell Franke (12)

American YouTuber
Camari so Cool

Camari so Cool (12)

American YouTube star
Sophie Conder

Sophie Conder (12)

English internet star
Perri LeRoy

Perri LeRoy (12)

American Youtuber
Blayke Busby

Blayke Busby (12)

American reality star
Nayeli Lo Vera

Nayeli Lo Vera (12)

American YouTube star
Willow Sage Hart

Willow Sage Hart (12)

Daughter of Pink
Jordyn Yeager

Jordyn Yeager (12)

American YouTuber
Harper Beckham

Harper Beckham (12)

English internet star and daughter of David Beckham
Parker Sopo Squad

Parker Sopo Squad (12)

American YouTube star
Violet McGraw

Violet McGraw (12)

American actress
Reema Saleh

Reema Saleh (12)

Niece of YouTuber Adam Saleh
Lux Atkin

Lux Atkin (12)

English Instagram star
Leah from Magic Box

Leah from Magic Box (12)

American internet star
Ben Hampton

Ben Hampton (12)

American YouTube star
Ocean Maturo

Ocean Maturo (12)

American actor
Ava Brown

Ava Brown (12)

Sister of Millie Bobby Brown
Logan Moreau

Logan Moreau (12)

American actor
Caleb Johnston

Caleb Johnston (12)

American YouTube star
Presley Walker

Presley Walker (12)

American YouTuber
Karnation So Cool

Karnation So Cool (12)

Stepdaughter of CJ So Cool
Olivia Pierre

Olivia Pierre (12)

American YouTuber
Diesel La Torraca

Diesel La Torraca (12)

Australian actor
Zoe Fish

Zoe Fish (12)

Canadian actress
Sebi Rich

Sebi Rich (12)

American YouTuber
Diezel Ortiz

Diezel Ortiz (12)

American YouTube star
Brielle Milla

Brielle Milla (12)

American television and internet personality
Kamryn Smith

Kamryn Smith (12)

American dancer
Jeremy Maguire

Jeremy Maguire (12)

American actor
Celestine Chuahiock

Celestine Chuahiock (12)

Filipino YouTuber
Dannah Lockett

Dannah Lockett (12)

American social media star
Harlo Haas

Harlo Haas (12)

American actor
Arabella Kushner

Arabella Kushner (12)

Grand-daughter of Donald Trump
Tavaris Jones

Tavaris Jones (12)

American dancer
Little Big Toys

Little Big Toys (12)

Filipina YouTube personality
Rudolph Ingram

Rudolph Ingram (12)

American athlete