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Famous 16 year olds

Princess Misty

Princess Misty (16)

American YouTuber
Noah Schnapp

Noah Schnapp (16)

American actor
Sabre Norris

Sabre Norris (16)

Australian social media star and skateboarder
Annie LeBlanc (Jules LeBlanc)

Annie LeBlanc (Jules LeBlanc) (16)

American YouTube star
Natalie Biden

Natalie Biden (16)

Joe Biden's granddaughter
Cynthia Parker

Cynthia Parker (16)

Canadian TikTok star
Lauren Orlando

Lauren Orlando (16)

Canadian YouTube star
Brady Farrar

Brady Farrar (16)

American dancer
Hali’a Beamer

Hali’a Beamer (16)

American TikTok star
Marc Gomez

Marc Gomez (16)

American social media star
Jayden Bartels

Jayden Bartels (16)

American actress
LeBron James Jr.

LeBron James Jr. (16)

American basketball player
Baby Kaely

Baby Kaely (16)

American rapper
Caleb Coffee

Caleb Coffee (16)

American Social Media Personality
Mathew Valenzuela

Mathew Valenzuela (16)

American social media personality
Brooklyn Queen

Brooklyn Queen (16)

American rapper
Darci Lynn Farmer

Darci Lynn Farmer (16)

American singer and ventriloquist
Sky Katz

Sky Katz (16)

American rapper and actress
Dylan Hartman

Dylan Hartman (16)

American social media star and actor
Ella Anderson

Ella Anderson (16)

American actress

BadKid.Jay (16)

American rapper and Instagram star
Karli Reese

Karli Reese (16)

American YouTube star
Noah Jupe

Noah Jupe (16)

English actor
Claire Drake

Claire Drake (16)

American internet personality
Avia Butler

Avia Butler (16)

American YouTuber
Kyle Thomas

Kyle Thomas (16)

English TikTok star
GiaNina Paolantonio

GiaNina Paolantonio (16)

American singer and dancer
Ellie Thumann

Ellie Thumann (16)

American TikTok star
Kayla Davis

Kayla Davis (16)

American YouTuber
Noah Atwood

Noah Atwood (16)

American social media star
Rush Holland Butler

Rush Holland Butler (16)

American reality star
Kylie Cantrall

Kylie Cantrall (16)

American YouTuber
Navia Robinson

Navia Robinson (16)

American actress
Ian Haueter

Ian Haueter (16)

American TikTok star
Kaci Conder

Kaci Conder (16)

English social media star
Whitney Bjerken

Whitney Bjerken (16)

American gymnast, singer, and YouTube star
Bad Kid Mykel

Bad Kid Mykel (16)

American gamer and social media star
Semaj Lesley

Semaj Lesley (16)

American social media celebrity
Mia Fizz

Mia Fizz (16)

English YouTuber
Miles Brown

Miles Brown (16)

American actor
Issac Ryan Brown

Issac Ryan Brown (16)

American actor
Brooklyn Frost

Brooklyn Frost (16)

American YouTuber and Instagram star
Sophia Birlem

Sophia Birlem (16)

American internet personality
Jayla Vlach

Jayla Vlach (16)

American YouTuber
Rylan McKnight

Rylan McKnight (16)

American internet star
Matt Ox

Matt Ox (16)

American rapper
Maesi Caes

Maesi Caes (16)

American dancer

Niyahgotnaps (16)

American Instagram star

Linag0ldi (16)

American TikTok star
Jazlyn G

Jazlyn G (16)

American TikTok star

ComfySunday (16)

American YouTuber
Mr Bee

Mr Bee (16)

Canadian YouTube star