The Famous Birthdays: Celebrity birthdays and famous people biographies

Famous 3 year olds

Alaïa McBroom

Alaïa McBroom (3)

American YouTuber
Kulture Kiari Cephus

Kulture Kiari Cephus (3)

American internet star
Flynn Timothy Stocklin

Flynn Timothy Stocklin (3)

Son of Colleen Ballinger
Karma Fizz

Karma Fizz (3)

English YouTuber
Gekyume Onfroy

Gekyume Onfroy (3)

XXXTentacion's son
Aria Kurzawa

Aria Kurzawa (3)

Canadian internet personality
Ranger Ortiz

Ranger Ortiz (3)

American internet star
Nova Grace Prince

Nova Grace Prince (3)

American Instagram star
Capri Bryant

Capri Bryant (3)

Daughter of Kobe Bryant
Psalm West

Psalm West (3)

Kanye West's child
Sutton Nguyen

Sutton Nguyen (3)

American YouTuber
Anthem James Tru

Anthem James Tru (3)

American social media star and daughter of Paige Danielle
Legend Lorenzo White

Legend Lorenzo White (3)

Son of Queen Naija
Senna Paige Mulligan

Senna Paige Mulligan (3)

Daughter of Chantelle Paige
Bay Bieber

Bay Bieber (3)

Justin Bieber's half sister
Andrea Saccone-Joly

Andrea Saccone-Joly (3)

English YouTuber
Ronnie Foden

Ronnie Foden (3)

Son of Phil Foden
Kobe Eats

Kobe Eats (3)

American Instagram star