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Famous 64 year olds

Bill Gates

Bill Gates (64)

American businessman and computer programmer
Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks (64)

American actor and producer
Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson (64)

American-Australian actor, director, producer, and screenwriter
Howie Mandel

Howie Mandel (64)

Canadian comedian and actor
Bryan Cranston

Bryan Cranston (64)

American actor
Kris Jenner

Kris Jenner (64)

American TV personality and businesswoman
Joe Montana

Joe Montana (64)

American football player
Dorothy Hamill

Dorothy Hamill (64)

American figure skater
Bill Nye

Bill Nye (64)

American engineer, educator, and television host
Bill Maher

Bill Maher (64)

American comedian, actor, and television host
Bob Saget

Bob Saget (64)

American comedian, actor, and television host
Randy Jackson

Randy Jackson (64)

American musician and producer
Dana Delany

Dana Delany (64)

American actress
Geena Davis

Geena Davis (64)

American actress
Mimi Rogers

Mimi Rogers (64)

American actress
Eric Roberts

Eric Roberts (64)

American actor
Mani Ratnam

Mani Ratnam (64)

Indian director
Andy García

Andy García (64)

Cuban actor
David Lee Roth

David Lee Roth (64)

American singer and songwriter

Chiranjeevi (64)

Indian actor and politician
Billy Idol

Billy Idol (64)

English rock musician
Maria Shriver

Maria Shriver (64)

American journalist, TV host and writer
Keith David

Keith David (64)

American actor
Diamond Dallas Page

Diamond Dallas Page (64)

American wrestler, fitness instructor, and actor
Lars von Trier

Lars von Trier (64)

Danish director
Nathan Lane

Nathan Lane (64)

American actor and singer
Vijay Mallya

Vijay Mallya (64)

Indian businessman and politician
Michael Biehn

Michael Biehn (64)

American actor
Steve Ballmer

Steve Ballmer (64)

American businessman
Joe Satriani

Joe Satriani (64)

American musician
John Lydon

John Lydon (64)

English rock musician
Sugar Ray Leonard

Sugar Ray Leonard (64)

American boxer and actor
Warren Jeffs

Warren Jeffs (64)

American religious leader
La Toya Jackson

La Toya Jackson (64)

American singer-songwriter, actress, businesswoman, author, and activist
Arsenio Hall

Arsenio Hall (64)

American actor and talk show host
Kenny G

Kenny G (64)

American saxophonist, songwriter, and producer
L.A. Reid

L.A. Reid (64)

American songwriter and producer, co-founded of LaFace Records
Yo-Yo Ma

Yo-Yo Ma (64)

French-American cellist
Alan Ruck

Alan Ruck (64)

American actor
Jamie Dimon

Jamie Dimon (64)

American Banking executive
Sela Ward

Sela Ward (64)

American actress
Tim Daly

Tim Daly (64)

American actor, director, and producer
Wayne Knight

Wayne Knight (64)

American actor
Tanya Roberts

Tanya Roberts (64)

American actress
Chris Isaak

Chris Isaak (64)

American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and actor
Patricia Cornwell

Patricia Cornwell (64)

American novelist
Judith Butler

Judith Butler (64)

American philosopher

Brahmanandam (64)

Indian actor
Deval Patrick

Deval Patrick (64)

American politician, 71st Governor of Massachusetts
Frank Dux

Frank Dux (64)

American martial artist and choreographer
Jane Kaczmarek

Jane Kaczmarek (64)

American actress
Steven A. Cohen

Steven A. Cohen (64)

American businessman, founder of SAC Capital Advisors