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Famous 72 year olds

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger (72)

American actor, professional bodybuilder and politician
Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hillary Rodham Clinton (72)

American politician
O. J. Simpson

O. J. Simpson (72)

American football player and felon
Stephen King

Stephen King (72)

American writer
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (72)

American basketball player
Meat Loaf

Meat Loaf (72)

American singer and songwriter
Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper (72)

American singer-songwriter and actor
Steven Tyler

Steven Tyler (72)

American musician
Salman Rushdie

Salman Rushdie (72)

Indian author
Al Gore

Al Gore (72)

American politician
Ted Danson

Ted Danson (72)

American actor and producer
Iggy Pop

Iggy Pop (72)

American singer, songwriter, musician, and actor
David Letterman

David Letterman (72)

American comedian and talk show host
Paulo Coelho

Paulo Coelho (72)

Brazilian writer
Billy Crystal

Billy Crystal (72)

American actor and comedian
Joe Walsh

Joe Walsh (72)

American singer, songwriter and guitarist
Andrew Lloyd Webber

Andrew Lloyd Webber (72)

English composer
Larry David

Larry David (72)

American actor and comedy writer
James Woods

James Woods (72)

American actor
Don Henley

Don Henley (72)

American singer, drummer and songwriter
Mick Fleetwood

Mick Fleetwood (72)

English drummer and actor
Carlos Santana

Carlos Santana (72)

Mexican-American guitarist
Jacki Weaver

Jacki Weaver (72)

Australian actress
Camilla Parker Bowles

Camilla Parker Bowles (72)

Duchess of Cornwall and 2nd wife of Charles, Prince of Wales
Brian May

Brian May (72)

English musician and songwriter
Jeffrey DeMunn

Jeffrey DeMunn (72)

American actor
David Mamet

David Mamet (72)

American director and scriptwriter
Richard Dreyfuss

Richard Dreyfuss (72)

American actor
Bernadette Peters

Bernadette Peters (72)

American actress, singer, and author
Kevin Kline

Kevin Kline (72)

American actor
Barbara Hershey

Barbara Hershey (72)

American actress
Sam Neill

Sam Neill (72)

New Zealand actor
Albert Brooks

Albert Brooks (72)

American comedian, actor, and director
Raymond Teller

Raymond Teller (72)

Stage magician and libertarian
Ronnie Wood

Ronnie Wood (72)

English musician, songwriter,
Rhea Perlman

Rhea Perlman (72)

American actress
Carl Weathers

Carl Weathers (72)

American actor
Christopher Guest

Christopher Guest (72)

American actor and director
Peter Weller

Peter Weller (72)

American actor
Temple Grandin

Temple Grandin (72)

American doctor and activist
Don Felder

Don Felder (72)

American guitarist and songwriter
Jonathan Pryce

Jonathan Pryce (72)

Welsh actor and singer
Ray Kurzweil

Ray Kurzweil (72)

American engineer and author
Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson (72)

English singer-songwriter
John Carpenter

John Carpenter (72)

American director
Mikhail Baryshnikov

Mikhail Baryshnikov (72)

Russian dancer, choreographer, and actor
Tony Iommi

Tony Iommi (72)

English guitarist and songwriter
Bobby Orr

Bobby Orr (72)

Canadian ice hockey player
Wilko Johnson

Wilko Johnson (72)

English singer, songwriter and guitarist.
Joe Mantegna

Joe Mantegna (72)

American actor
Ina Garten

Ina Garten (72)

American chef and author