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Famous 76 year olds

John Kerry

John Kerry (76)

American politician, 68th United States Secretary of State
Michael Douglas

Michael Douglas (76)

American actor and producer
Gary Busey

Gary Busey (76)

American actor
Ben Kingsley

Ben Kingsley (76)

English actor
George Lucas

George Lucas (76)

American director
Jimmy Page

Jimmy Page (76)

English guitarist, songwriter, and producer
Keith Richards

Keith Richards (76)

English musician
Danny Trejo

Danny Trejo (76)

American actor
Diana Ross

Diana Ross (76)

American singer
Larry Ellison

Larry Ellison (76)

American businessman and computer scientist
Sam Elliott

Sam Elliott (76)

American actor
Joni Mitchell

Joni Mitchell (76)

Canadian singer and songwriter
Angela Davis

Angela Davis (76)

American activist and author
Marc Ouellet

Marc Ouellet (76)

Canadian cardinal
John Rhys-Davies

John Rhys-Davies (76)

English-Welsh actor
Terrence Malick

Terrence Malick (76)

American director and screenwriter
Ban Ki-moon

Ban Ki-moon (76)

South Jorean politician
Jacqueline Bisset

Jacqueline Bisset (76)

English actress
Jeff Beck

Jeff Beck (76)

English singer-songwriter, guitarist, and actor
Jerry Springer

Jerry Springer (76)

English-American TV presenter
Phil Swift

Phil Swift (76)

American businessman and social media star
Katharine Ross

Katharine Ross (76)

American actress
Seán Patrick O'Malley

Seán Patrick O'Malley (76)

American cardinal
Pattie Boyd

Pattie Boyd (76)

British photographer and model
Michael Emerson

Michael Emerson (76)

American actor
Jerry Sandusky

Jerry Sandusky (76)

American football coach
Shelley Fabares

Shelley Fabares (76)

American actress
Robert Hanssen

Robert Hanssen (76)

American FBI agent
Jeffrey Tambor

Jeffrey Tambor (76)

American actor
Colm Wilkinson

Colm Wilkinson (76)

Irish-Canadian tenor and actor
Ranulph Fiennes

Ranulph Fiennes (76)

British adventurer
Rudy Giuliani

Rudy Giuliani (76)

American businessman and politician
Frank Oz

Frank Oz (76)

English-American puppeteer and director
Wallace Shawn

Wallace Shawn (76)

American actor and playwright
Sondra Locke

Sondra Locke (76)

American actress
Geraldine Chaplin

Geraldine Chaplin (76)

American actress
Gary Glitter

Gary Glitter (76)

English singer-songwriter and musician
Michelle Phillips

Michelle Phillips (76)

American singer-songwriter and actress
Craig T. Nelson

Craig T. Nelson (76)

American actor
Nick Mason

Nick Mason (76)

English drummer, songwriter, and producer
Ian McDiarmid

Ian McDiarmid (76)

Scottish actor
James Carville

James Carville (76)

American lawyer and political consultant
Terry Funk

Terry Funk (76)

American wrestler and actor
Len Goodman

Len Goodman (76)

Television personality, dance teacher, dancer
Boz Scaggs

Boz Scaggs (76)

American musician
Richard Belzer

Richard Belzer (76)

American actor and comedian
Angry Grandma

Angry Grandma (76)

American YouTube star
Gladys Knight

Gladys Knight (76)

American singer
Connie Booth

Connie Booth (76)

American-English actress and psychotherapist
Patti LaBelle

Patti LaBelle (76)

American singer-songwriter, actress, and author
Harry Shearer

Harry Shearer (76)

American actor
Frederick W. Smith

Frederick W. Smith (76)

American businessman