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Famous 81 year olds

Ian McKellen

Ian McKellen (81)

English actor
Jon Voight

Jon Voight (81)

American actor
Francis Ford Coppola

Francis Ford Coppola (81)

American director
Christopher Lloyd

Christopher Lloyd (81)

American actor
Harvey Keitel

Harvey Keitel (81)

American actor
Lee Majors

Lee Majors (81)

American actor
Terence Stamp

Terence Stamp (81)

English actor
Diana Rigg

Diana Rigg (81)

English actress
Dick Vitale

Dick Vitale (81)

American sportscaster
Peter Fonda

Peter Fonda (81)

American actor
Oscar Robertson

Oscar Robertson (81)

American basketball player
Elliott Gould

Elliott Gould (81)

American actor
Ali MacGraw

Ali MacGraw (81)

American actress
James Fox

James Fox (81)

English actor
Farah Pahlavi

Farah Pahlavi (81)

Iranian wife of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi
Claudia Cardinale

Claudia Cardinale (81)

Tunisian actress
Rex Reed

Rex Reed (81)

American actor and critic
Connie Francis

Connie Francis (81)

American singer
Maury Povich

Maury Povich (81)

American talk show host
Dawn Wells

Dawn Wells (81)

American actress
Mike Farrell

Mike Farrell (81)

American Actor
Terence Hill

Terence Hill (81)

Italian actor
Gary Paulsen

Gary Paulsen (81)

American author
Christina Crawford

Christina Crawford (81)

American actress and writer
Judy Collins

Judy Collins (81)

American singer-songwriter and musician
Alan Dershowitz

Alan Dershowitz (81)

American attorney and author
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf (81)

Liberian politician, 24th President of Liberia
Neil Sedaka

Neil Sedaka (81)

American singer and songwriter
Rod Laver

Rod Laver (81)

Australian tennis player
Connie Stevens

Connie Stevens (81)

American actress, singer, and director
Brian Mulroney

Brian Mulroney (81)

Canadian politician 18th Prime Minister of Canada
Germaine Greer

Germaine Greer (81)

Australian journalist and author
Paul Sorvino

Paul Sorvino (81)

American actor
Queen Sofía of Spain

Queen Sofía of Spain (81)

Queen consort of Spain
Ralph Bakshi

Ralph Bakshi (81)

American director, screenwriter, and producer
John Sculley

John Sculley (81)

American Businessman
Pat Buchanan

Pat Buchanan (81)

American journalist and politician
Jackie Stewart

Jackie Stewart (81)

Scottish race car driver
Anne Perry

Anne Perry (81)

English author
Paul Verhoeven

Paul Verhoeven (81)

Dutch director, screenwriter, and producer
Alberto Fujimori

Alberto Fujimori (81)

Peruvian politician
Frederick Forsyth

Frederick Forsyth (81)

English author
David Horowitz

David Horowitz (81)

American activist and author, founded the David Horowitz Freedom Center
Paul Martin

Paul Martin (81)

Canadian politician
Stella Stevens

Stella Stevens (81)

American actress
Ronny Cox

Ronny Cox (81)

American actor
Giovanni Trapattoni

Giovanni Trapattoni (81)

Italian football manager
Bobby Hull

Bobby Hull (81)

Canadian ice hockey player
Liv Ullmann

Liv Ullmann (81)

Norwegian actress
Chuck Wepner

Chuck Wepner (81)

United States Marine and professional boxer
Brent Musburger

Brent Musburger (81)

American sportscaster