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Famous 87 year olds

Yoko Ono

Yoko Ono (87)

Japanese-American singer-songwriter
Michael Caine

Michael Caine (87)

British actor
Quincy Jones

Quincy Jones (87)

American musician and composer
Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson (87)

American singer-songwriter, musician, actor, and activist
Manmohan Singh

Manmohan Singh (87)

Indian economist and politician
Kim Novak

Kim Novak (87)

American actress
Carol Burnett

Carol Burnett (87)

American comedian
Joan Collins

Joan Collins (87)

English actress
Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Ruth Bader Ginsburg (87)

American Supreme Court justice
Louis Farrakhan

Louis Farrakhan (87)

American Nation of Islam leader
Dianne Feinstein

Dianne Feinstein (87)

American politician
Petula Clark

Petula Clark (87)

English actress and singer
Francis Arinze

Francis Arinze (87)

Nigerian cardinal
Ellen Burstyn

Ellen Burstyn (87)

American actress
Nichelle Nichols

Nichelle Nichols (87)

American actress and singer
James Meredith

James Meredith (87)

American civil rights activist and writer
Michael Heseltine

Michael Heseltine (87)

British politician
Mohamed Al-Fayed

Mohamed Al-Fayed (87)

Egyptian-Monacan businessman
Philip Zimbardo

Philip Zimbardo (87)

American psychologist
Jacques Chirac

Jacques Chirac (87)

French politician, 22nd President of France
David McCullough

David McCullough (87)

American historian and author
Barbara Feldon

Barbara Feldon (87)

American actress and model
Siân Phillips

Siân Phillips (87)

Welsh actress
Danny Aiello

Danny Aiello (87)

American actor
Charles Stanley

Charles Stanley (87)

American television evangelist
John Searle

John Searle (87)

American philosopher
Wilbur Smith

Wilbur Smith (87)

Zambian-English journalist and author
Renée Taylor

Renée Taylor (87)

American actress
Steven Weinberg

Steven Weinberg (87)

American physicist
Alvin Plantinga

Alvin Plantinga (87)

American philosopher
H. D. Deve Gowda

H. D. Deve Gowda (87)

11th Prime Minister of India
F. Lee Bailey

F. Lee Bailey (87)

American attorney
Chita Rivera

Chita Rivera (87)

Puerto Rican actress, singer, and dancer
John Boorman

John Boorman (87)

English-Irish director
Melvin Van Peebles

Melvin Van Peebles (87)

American actor and screenwriter

Costa-Gavras (87)

Greek-French director and producer
Than Shwe

Than Shwe (87)

Burmese general and politician
Bob Pettit

Bob Pettit (87)

American basketball player
Paul Biya

Paul Biya (87)

Cameroon politician
Maury Wills

Maury Wills (87)

Baseball player and manager
Robert Benton

Robert Benton (87)

Film director
Peter Eisenman

Peter Eisenman (87)

American architect, designed the City of Culture of Galicia
Alex Cord

Alex Cord (87)

American actor
Luc Montagnier

Luc Montagnier (87)

French microbiologist
Carol Lawrence

Carol Lawrence (87)

Actress, singer, dancer
Inga Swenson

Inga Swenson (87)

American actor

Quino (87)

Argentine cartoonist