The Famous Birthdays: Celebrity birthdays and famous people biographies

April 26th famous birthdays

William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare (1564 - 1616)

English writer and actor

Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum (42)

American actor

Jet Li

Jet Li (59)

Chinese martial artist and actor

Stana Katic

Stana Katic (44)

Canadian actress

Anna McNulty

Anna McNulty (20)

Canadian YouTube star

Jordana Brewster

Jordana Brewster (42)

American actress

Jason Earles

Jason Earles (45)

American actor

Daniel Padilla

Daniel Padilla (27)

Filipino Actor

Ryan Cummings

Ryan Cummings (18)

American Instagram star and cheerleader

Paige Niemann

Paige Niemann (18)

American TikTok star

Jon Cozart

Jon Cozart (30)

American YouTube star

Carol Burnett

Carol Burnett (89)

American comedian

Cole Beasley

Cole Beasley (33)

American football player

Scott Timlin

Scott Timlin (34)

British reality star

David Hume

David Hume (1711 - 1776)

Scottish philosopher and historian

Carlos Condit

Carlos Condit (38)

American martial artist

Tom Welling

Tom Welling (45)

American actor

Payton Yeager

Payton Yeager (12)

American YouTuber

Dylynn Jones

Dylynn Jones (20)

American dancer and actress

Rudolf Hess

Rudolf Hess (1894 - 1987)

German Nazi leader

Jessica Lynch

Jessica Lynch (39)

American army private

Melania Trump

Melania Trump (52)

Slovenian model

Keara Graves

Keara Graves (23)

Canadian actress


Taurtis (26)

American YouTuber


Daesung (33)

South Korean singer-songwriter, and actor


BambinoBecky (24)

Welsh YouTuber

Valerio Mazzei

Valerio Mazzei (22)

Italian Instagram star

Joey Jordison

Joey Jordison (1975 - 2021)

American musician, songwriter, and producer

Sundy Jules

Sundy Jules (23)

French YouTube star

Giorgio Moroder

Giorgio Moroder (82)

Italian composer

James Zamarripa

James Zamarripa (18)

American TikTok star

Tionne Watkins

Tionne Watkins (52)

American singer

Simply Liv

Simply Liv (18)

American gymnast and internet personality

Lionel Ferro

Lionel Ferro (27)

Argentine actor


Lushaflor (22)

American YouTuber

Matte Martinez

Matte Martinez (19)

American dancer and singer

Kelsey Lynn Cook

Kelsey Lynn Cook (19)

American dancer and actress

Sterling Griffith

Sterling Griffith (21)

American actress

Jessica Lee Rose

Jessica Lee Rose (35)

American actress


Avant (44)

American singer-songwriter

Jonathan dos Santos

Jonathan dos Santos (32)

Mexican footballer

John James Audubon

John James Audubon (1785 - 1851)

French-American naturalist and illustrator

Frederick Law Olmsted

Frederick Law Olmsted (1822 - 1903)

American journalist, social critic, public administrator, and landscape designer

Amelia Wray

Amelia Wray (17)

American actress

Jade Cloud

Jade Cloud (23)

Vietnamese dancer

Syngman Rhee

Syngman Rhee (1875 - 1965)

South Korean politician

Roger Taylor

Roger Taylor (62)

English musician

Alex Fitzalan

Alex Fitzalan (26)

Australian actor and model

On this day

April 26 in History

  • 1835

    April 26, 1835:

    "Grand Polonaise Brillante" is first performed in Paris. It was composed by Polish musician, Frederic Chopin. The musical work is featured in the 2002 movie titled “The Pianist”.

  • 1925

    April 26, 1925:

    American writer, Edna Ferber wins the ‘Pulitzer Prize for the Novel’ award for her work titled "So big".

  • 1932

    April 26, 1932:

    "L'Ermine" premieres at the renowned Society for Theater in Paris. The play was written by French dramatist, Jean Anouilh.

  • 1954

    April 26, 1954:

    Japanese film titled "Seven Samurai" is released. It becomes the most expensive movie to be released in the country. It stars renowned actors like Takashi Shimura and Toshiro Mifune.

  • 1966

    April 26, 1966:

    Arnold Jacob Auerbach, famously known as "Red", leaves his post as the head coach of NBA side, Boston Celtic.

  • 1991

    April 26, 1991:

    ABC-TV premieres American animated television series titled "Dinosaurs". Actors like Stuart Pankin and Sally Struthers lent their voices to some characters in the production.

  • April 26, 1991:

    Argentine soccer player, Diego Maradona, is suspended for using banned narcotic drugs, specifically cocaine.

  • 2005

    April 26, 2005:

    Singer, Bruce Springsteen, drops his 13th studio album called “Devils & Dust”. It makes its first appearance on the US Billboard 200 album chart at number one.

  • 2013

    April 26, 2013:

    English band, Deep Purple, releases their album titled “Now What?!”. The work, which contains hit songs like "Vincent Price", is produced by Canadian musician, Bob Ezrin.

  • 2017

    April 26, 2017:

    American singer, Father John Misty, drops video for his single titled "Total Entertainment Forever". It features “Home Alone” series star, Macaulay Culkin. The song is off his third studio album dubbed “Pure Comedy”.