The Famous Birthdays: Celebrity birthdays and famous people biographies

August 2nd famous birthdays

Darius Dobre

Darius Dobre (27)

American YouTuber

Nick Diaz

Nick Diaz (39)

Mexican-American martial artist

Vikram Barn

Vikram Barn (27)

English YouTube star


BeastEater (25)

American dancer and social media star

Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith (52)

American writer, comic book writer, actor and director

Autumn Miller

Autumn Miller (21)

American dancer and model

RadioJH Audrey

RadioJH Audrey (19)

American YouTuber

Mary-Louise Parker

Mary-Louise Parker (58)

American actress

Charli XCX

Charli XCX (30)

English singer

Mel Joy

Mel Joy (23)

American internet star

Sam Worthington

Sam Worthington (46)

Australian actor

Peter O'Toole

Peter O'Toole (1932 - 2013)

British-Irish actor

Katie Sigmond

Katie Sigmond (20)

American internet star

Mark Lee

Mark Lee (23)

Canadian rapper and singer

Reggie Webber

Reggie Webber (26)

American internet star

Skylar Diggins

Skylar Diggins (32)

American basketball player

Edward Furlong

Edward Furlong (45)

American actor

Jacinda Barrett

Jacinda Barrett (50)

Australian-American actress

Jonas Blue

Jonas Blue (33)

English singer, songwriter and DJ

Sophie Díaz

Sophie Díaz (21)

Mexican-American TikTok star


Penguinz0 (28)

American YouTuber

Shimon Peres

Shimon Peres (1923 - 2016)

Israeli politician

Bahja Rodriguez

Bahja Rodriguez (26)

American rapper

James Baldwin

James Baldwin (1924 - 1987)

American writer, poet and social critic

Kristaps Porzingis

Kristaps Porzingis (27)

Latvian basketball player

Giancarlo Purch

Giancarlo Purch (22)

American YouTuber

Britt Nicole

Britt Nicole (38)

American singer

Sam Thompson

Sam Thompson (30)

English reality star

Wes Craven

Wes Craven (1939 - 2015)

American director

Calvin Reef

Calvin Reef (22)

South African TikTok star

Ayden Mekus

Ayden Mekus (17)

American actor

Cai Xukun (KUN)

Cai Xukun (KUN) (24)

Chinese singer

Eyal Booker

Eyal Booker (27)

British model and reality star

August Reinhardt

August Reinhardt (24)

American photographer

Sam Gowland

Sam Gowland (27)

British reality star

Michel Bastos

Michel Bastos (39)

Brazilian footballer

Harjit Bhandal

Harjit Bhandal (30)

Canadian internet star

Hannah Stark

Hannah Stark (21)

American reality star

Nadia Bjorlin

Nadia Bjorlin (42)

American actress

Giampaolo Pazzini

Giampaolo Pazzini (38)

Italian footballer

Myrna Loy

Myrna Loy (1905 - 1993)

American actress

Alexander Emelianenko

Alexander Emelianenko (41)

Russian mixed martial artist

Isabel Allende

Isabel Allende (80)

Chilean author


Nayer (34)

American singer-songwriter


chl0ebean (23)

American TikTik star

Donna Air

Donna Air (43)

English actress, television presenter

Joanna Cassidy

Joanna Cassidy (77)

American actress

Lynn Yamada Davis

Lynn Yamada Davis (74)

American TikTok star

Dingdong Dantes

Dingdong Dantes (42)

Filipino actor

On this day

August 2 in History

  • 1776

    August 2, 1776:

    A total of 56 people primarily sign what is termed as the ‘US Declaration of Independence’. The declaration was written by Thomas Jefferson alongside a group of five members of the Second Continental Congress.

  • 1967

    August 2, 1967:

    Norman Jewison’s directed movie titled "In the Heat of the Night" premiers in New York. It would later win the “Best Picture” at the Academy Awards that year.

  • 1973

    August 2, 1973:

    The Locarno International Film Festival, which was held in Switzerland, hosts the premiering of the film titled "American Graffiti". The movie stars Charlie Martin Smith and Richard Dreyfuss.

  • 1978

    August 2, 1978:

    Renowned American band, Boston, issues an album titled “Don't Look Back”. It contains hit songs like "A Man I'll Never Be" and "Feelin' Satisfied".

  • 1991

    August 2, 1991:

    American singer, Rick James is busted for kidnapping a lady known as Frances Alley. He was arrested alongside his then sweetheart, Tanya Hijazi.

  • 1996

    August 2, 1996:

    The United States wins gold in the men’s basketball event at the Olympic Games. They beat their FR Yugoslavia counterparts to win the tournament.

  • 1997

    August 2, 1997: Nigerian singer and instrumentalist, Fela Kuti dies. He was known for his numerous successful albums including “Roforofo Fight” and “Shakara”. He was 58.
  • 2010

    August 2, 2010:

    Arcade Fire, a group formed in Canada, releases its 3rd studio album titled “The Suburbs”. The project peaked at the summit of UK Albums’ weekly chart.

  • 2019

    August 2, 2019:

    Ed Sheeran sets a new record for the highest-earning tour during one of his shows in Germany. His tour dubbed “Divide” earned him a total of $775.6 million which surpasses U2’s $735.3 million in 2011.

  • August 2, 2019:

    Christian music band, Skillet, drops their 10th studio album entitled “Victorious”. The work, which was released under the Atlantic record label, has tracks like "You Ain't Ready" and "Legendary".