The Famous Birthdays: Celebrity birthdays and famous people biographies
August 30th famous birthdays
Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett (88)

American businessman and philanthropist

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz (46)

American actress and comedian

Mark Strong

Mark Strong (55)

English actor

Andy Roddick

Andy Roddick (36)

American tennis player

Peggy Lipton

Peggy Lipton (72)

American actress

Ernest Rutherford

Ernest Rutherford (1871 - 1937)

New Zealand-British physicist

Lisa Ling

Lisa Ling (45)

American journalist and TV hostess

Gabriel Aubry

Gabriel Aubry (43)

Canadian model

Huey Long

Huey Long (1893 - 1935)

American politician

Michael Chiklis

Michael Chiklis (55)

American actor

Angel Coulby

Angel Coulby (38)

English actress

Ted Williams

Ted Williams (1918 - 2002)

American baseball player

Lewis Black

Lewis Black (70)

American comedian, author, and actor

Pavel Nedvěd

Pavel Nedvěd (46)

Czech footballer

Theo Hutchcraft

Theo Hutchcraft (32)

Singer, songwriter

Robert Parish

Robert Parish (65)

American basketball player

John Peel

John Peel (1939 - 2004)

English radio host and producer

Robert Crumb

Robert Crumb (75)

American illustrator and writer

Paul Oakenfold

Paul Oakenfold (55)

English DJ and producer

Tavia Yeung

Tavia Yeung (39)

Hong Kong actress

Gary Gordon

Gary Gordon (1960 - 1993)

American army officer

Ernests Gulbis

Ernests Gulbis (30)

Latvian tennis player

Bill Daily

Bill Daily (91)

American actor

Bruce McLaren

Bruce McLaren (1937 - 1970)

New Zealand race car driver

Jun Matsumoto

Jun Matsumoto (35)

Japanese singer, dancer, and actor

Fred Hampton

Fred Hampton (1948 - 1969)

American Black Panther Party leader

Shaun Alexander

Shaun Alexander (41)

American football player

Elizabeth Ashley

Elizabeth Ashley (79)

American actress

Jack Swigert

Jack Swigert (1931 - 1982)

American astronaut

Ryan Ross

Ryan Ross (32)

American singer-songwriter and guitarist

Michael Michele

Michael Michele (52)

American actress

Timothy Bottoms

Timothy Bottoms (67)

Actor, producer

Elden Henson

Elden Henson (41)

American actor

Marcelo H. del Pilar

Marcelo H. del Pilar (1850 - 1896)

Filipino writer, journalist, and revolutionary

Nancy Wake

Nancy Wake (1912 - 2011)

New Zealand-English war agent

Cliff Lee

Cliff Lee (40)

American baseball player

Michael Gladis

Michael Gladis (41)

American actor

Daryl Gates

Daryl Gates (1926 - 2010)

Chief of Los Angeles Police Department, 1978-1992

Rich Cronin

Rich Cronin (1974 - 2010)

Singer, songwriter

Jordan Rodgers

Jordan Rodgers (30)

College football player

Kitty Wells

Kitty Wells (1919 - 2012)

American singer-songwriter and guitarist

Simone Pepe

Simone Pepe (35)

Italian footballer

David Paymer

David Paymer (64)

Actor, Director