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Famous people born in Berlin, Germany

Dominic Monaghan

Dominic Monaghan (43)

German-English actor

Arón Piper (23)

Spanish actor
Alfred Wegener

Alfred Wegener (1880 - 1930)

German meteorologist and geophysicist
Karl Dönitz

Karl Dönitz (1891 - 1980)

German navy officer
Mike Nichols

Mike Nichols (1931 - 2014)

German-American director, screenwriter, and producer
Lucian Freud

Lucian Freud (1922 - 2011)

English painter
Stéphane Hessel

Stéphane Hessel (1917 - 2013)

French diplomat and activist
Walter Benjamin

Walter Benjamin (1892 - 1940)

German critic and writer
Audra McDonald

Audra McDonald (50)

American actress and singer
Walter Gropius

Walter Gropius (1883 - 1969)

German architect

Noah Levi (19)

German singer
Katarina Witt

Katarina Witt (54)

German figure skater
Magda Goebbels

Magda Goebbels (1901 - 1945)

German wife of Joseph Goebbels

Melissa Lee (31)

German YouTuber
Elke Sommer

Elke Sommer (80)

German actress
Herbert Marcuse

Herbert Marcuse (1898 - 1979)

German philosopher
Hans Eysenck

Hans Eysenck (1916 - 1997)

German-English psychologist
Jürgen Prochnow

Jürgen Prochnow (79)

German actor
Alexander Grothendieck

Alexander Grothendieck (1928 - 2014)

stateless mathematician
Spencer List

Spencer List (22)

American actor
Klaus Schulze

Klaus Schulze (73)

German composer
Christian Lorenz

Christian Lorenz (54)

German keyboardist
Klaus Voormann

Klaus Voormann (82)

German artist, musician, and producer
Paul Landers

Paul Landers (55)

German guitarist
Max Kepler

Max Kepler (27)

German baseball player
Ernst Lubitsch

Ernst Lubitsch (1892 - 1947)

German-American actor, screenwriter, director, and producer
Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau

Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau (1925 - 2012)

German baritone and conductor
Klaus Wowereit

Klaus Wowereit (67)

German politician
Jeanette Biedermann

Jeanette Biedermann (39)

German singer-songwriter and actress
Christian Berkel

Christian Berkel (63)

German actor

Fler (38)

German rapper
Peter Max

Peter Max (83)

German-American artist
Reinhard Mey

Reinhard Mey (77)

German singer-songwriter and guitarist
Katharina Thalbach

Katharina Thalbach (66)

German actress and director

Alle Farben (35)

German DJ
Nastassja Kinski

Nastassja Kinski (59)

German-American actress

Renate Blauel (67)

German music producer