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Famous people born in Birmingham, England, UK

Daniel Sturridge

Daniel Sturridge (34)

English football player
Felicity Jones

Felicity Jones (40)

English actress
Kia Pegg

Kia Pegg (23)

English actress
Brian Whittaker

Brian Whittaker (24)

English model and Instagram star
Jeff Lynne

Jeff Lynne (76)

English singer-songwriter, musician, and producer
Cat Deeley

Cat Deeley (47)

English model, actress, and television host
Nick Mason

Nick Mason (80)

English drummer, songwriter, and producer
Enoch Powell

Enoch Powell (1912 - 1998)

English politician
David Harewood

David Harewood (58)

English actor
Arthur Darvill

Arthur Darvill (41)

English actor

Mist (31)

British rapper
Joleon Lescott

Joleon Lescott (41)

English soccer player
Emma Willis

Emma Willis (48)

English television presenter
Francis Galton

Francis Galton (1822 - 1911)

English biologist and statistician
John Oliver

John Oliver (46)

English-American comedian, actor, and TV host
Gabriel Agbonlahor

Gabriel Agbonlahor (37)

English footballer
Micah Richards

Micah Richards (35)

English footballer
Roger Taylor

Roger Taylor (63)

English musician
Andrew Symonds

Andrew Symonds (1975 - 2022)

Australian cricketer
Ollie Munro

Ollie Munro (24)

English YouTuber
Harry Kirton

Harry Kirton (25)

English actor
Blaze Bayley

Blaze Bayley (60)

English singer-songwriter and musician
Rockstar Spud

Rockstar Spud (41)

English wrestler
Paul Grice

Paul Grice (1913 - 1988)

British philosopher
Joe Lycett

Joe Lycett (35)

British comedian and TV presenter
Sarah Manners

Sarah Manners (48)

English actress
Bill Ward

Bill Ward (75)

English musician
Mike Kellie

Mike Kellie (1947 - 2017)

English rock drummer
Joanna Quinn

Joanna Quinn (62)

British film director
Sean Flynn

Sean Flynn (56)

English soccer player
Sax Rohmer

Sax Rohmer (1883 - 1959)

English novelist