The Famous Birthdays: Celebrity birthdays and famous people biographies

Famous people born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.

Matt Damon

Matt Damon (51)

American actor and screenwriter
Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling (42)

American actress and producer
E. E. Cummings

E. E. Cummings (1894 - 1962)

American writer, poet and playwright
Steven Wright

Steven Wright (66)

American comedian and actor
Charles Sanders Peirce

Charles Sanders Peirce (1839 - 1914)

American philosopher, mathematician, and scientist
Paul Michael Glaser

Paul Michael Glaser (79)

American actor
Rebecca Pidgeon

Rebecca Pidgeon (56)

American actress
Russi Taylor

Russi Taylor (1944 - 2019)

American voice actress
Margaret Fuller

Margaret Fuller (1810 - 1850)

American journalist
Jere Burns

Jere Burns (67)

American actor
Alex Rocco

Alex Rocco (1936 - 2015)

American actor
Sam Waterston

Sam Waterston (81)

American actor
Traci Bingham

Traci Bingham (54)

American model and actress
Ann Jillian

Ann Jillian (72)

American actress
Chris Ivery

Chris Ivery (55)

American music producer
Lenny Clarke

Lenny Clarke (68)

American Comedian, Actor
Susan Butcher

Susan Butcher (1954 - 2006)

American dog musher
Devika Parikh

Devika Parikh (55)

American actress
Wilbur Wood

Wilbur Wood (80)

American baseball pitcher
Joe Kelley

Joe Kelley (1871 - 1943)

American baseball player, coach, manager