The Famous Birthdays: Celebrity birthdays and famous people biographies

Famous people born in Denver, Colorado, U.S.

AnnaSophia Robb

AnnaSophia Robb (26)

American actress and singer
Jake Warden

Jake Warden (18)

American YouTuber
Elias Harger

Elias Harger (12)

American actor and internet personality
Kristin Cavallari

Kristin Cavallari (33)

American actress
Tim Allen

Tim Allen (66)

American comedian and actor
David Fincher

David Fincher (57)

American director and producer
Lauren Taylor

Lauren Taylor (21)

American actress
Eve Torres

Eve Torres (35)

American former wrestler, dancer and actress
Duane Chapman

Duane Chapman (67)

American bounty hunter

Ailee (30)

American-Korean singer and actress
Frank Welker

Frank Welker (74)

American voice actor
Chauncey Billups

Chauncey Billups (43)

American basketball player

Miss Mykie (35)

American TV host
Karl Rove

Karl Rove (69)

American journalist

India.Arie (44)

American singer-songwriter and producer
Sierra Boggess

Sierra Boggess (37)

American actress and singer
Lyssa Chapman

Lyssa Chapman (32)

American bounty hunter
T. J. Miller

T. J. Miller (38)

American actor and comedian
Roy Halladay

Roy Halladay (1977 - 2017)

American baseball player

Camryn (20)

American singer
Barbara Rush

Barbara Rush (93)

American actress

TJ Miller (38)

American comedian
John Searle

John Searle (87)

American philosopher
Brandy Ledford

Brandy Ledford (51)

American actress and model

Jessica Rothe (32)

American actress

Blake Horstmann (30)

American reality star
Philip Bailey

Philip Bailey (68)

American singer-songwriter
Ruth Handler

Ruth Handler (1916 - 2002)

President of Mattel, Inc.
Amy Van Dyken

Amy Van Dyken (47)

American swimmer, Olympic gold medalist, former world record-holder
Paul Whiteman

Paul Whiteman (1890 - 1967)

American radio personality
Kristen Renton

Kristen Renton (37)

American actor
John Fante

John Fante (1909 - 1983)

American novelist
Jill Sobule

Jill Sobule (61)

American singer-songwriter
Brandon Barnes

Brandon Barnes (47)

American musician
Jamie Laurie

Jamie Laurie (42)

Musician, songwriter
Ben Wysocki

Ben Wysocki (35)

American drummer
David Bowens

David Bowens (42)

American football player