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Famous people born in Essex, England, UK

Sophia Grace Brownlee

Sophia Grace Brownlee (19)

British actress
Rosie McClelland

Rosie McClelland (16)

British internet star and actress
Dodie Clark

Dodie Clark (27)

English YouTuber
Brooklyn Wyatt

Brooklyn Wyatt (21)

English singer
Michelle Dockery

Michelle Dockery (40)

English actress and singer
Jaime Murray

Jaime Murray (46)

English actress and model

TomSka (32)

English YouTube star
Megan McKenna

Megan McKenna (29)

English reality star
Jodie Marsh

Jodie Marsh (43)

English model
Ferne McCann

Ferne McCann (32)

English reality star
Louisa Johnson

Louisa Johnson (24)

English singer
James Graham

James Graham (25)

English reality star
Reece King

Reece King (27)

English model
Grace Foley

Grace Foley (19)

English YouTuber
Billy Bragg

Billy Bragg (64)

English singer-songwriter and guitarist
Grace Shadrack

Grace Shadrack (19)

English YouTube star
BCC Trolling

BCC Trolling (27)

English YouTuber and gamer
Sophie Piper

Sophie Piper (23)

English reality star
Jamie Jewitt

Jamie Jewitt (32)

English reality star
Hannah Tointon

Hannah Tointon (34)

English actress
Warren Ellis

Warren Ellis (54)

English author
Jordi Whitworth

Jordi Whitworth (27)

English singer
Jude Moore

Jude Moore (27)

English model and social media star
Fabulous Hannah

Fabulous Hannah (24)

English YouTuber
Lucy Mecklenburgh

Lucy Mecklenburgh (31)

English reality star
Alex Day

Alex Day (33)

British musician
Kate Silverton

Kate Silverton (52)

British journalist
Dan Edgar

Dan Edgar (32)

English reality star
Rita Simons

Rita Simons (45)

British actor
Sarah Kane

Sarah Kane (1971 - 1999)

English playwright
Lauren Alexis

Lauren Alexis (23)

British internet personality and model
Jess Folley

Jess Folley (19)

English singer
Lauren Harris

Lauren Harris (38)

English singer
Mario Falcone

Mario Falcone (34)

English reality star
Giovanna Fletcher

Giovanna Fletcher (37)

British actress, author and vlogger
Chris Clark

Chris Clark (28)

English reality star
Scott Robinson

Scott Robinson (42)

English Singer
Matthew Cutler

Matthew Cutler (48)

English dancer