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Famous people born in Glendale, California, U.S.

Paul Walker

Paul Walker (1973 - 2013)

American actor
Edward Furlong

Edward Furlong (43)

American actor
Fox Messitt

Fox Messitt (6)

American actor
Nicole Eggert

Nicole Eggert (49)

American actress
Nathan Kress

Nathan Kress (28)

American actor
Erika Eleniak

Erika Eleniak (51)

American actress and model
Robert Englund

Robert Englund (73)

American actor
Captain Beefheart

Captain Beefheart (1941 - 2010)

American singer-songwriter
Kathy Ireland

Kathy Ireland (57)

American model and actress
Dashiell Messitt

Dashiell Messitt (6)

American actor
Debra Jo Rupp

Debra Jo Rupp (70)

American actress
Wayne Allwine

Wayne Allwine (1947 - 2009)

American voice actor
Jon Gries

Jon Gries (63)

American actor
Eric Lloyd

Eric Lloyd (34)

American actor
Ken Osmond

Ken Osmond (1943 - 2020)

American actor and police officer
Allisyn Ashley Arm

Allisyn Ashley Arm (24)

American actress
Claudia Christian

Claudia Christian (55)

American actress
Paul Petersen

Paul Petersen (75)

Actor, writer, activist
Michael Shermer

Michael Shermer (66)

American writer
Daryl Gates

Daryl Gates (1926 - 2010)

Chief of Los Angeles Police Department, 1978-1992
Elvin Bishop

Elvin Bishop (78)

Musician, songwriter
Allison Iraheta

Allison Iraheta (28)

Singer, Musician
Doug Davidson

Doug Davidson (66)

American actor
Kelly Packard

Kelly Packard (46)

American actor
Tim Matheson

Tim Matheson (73)

American actor
Mark Allen

Mark Allen (63)

American triathlete
Florence Ryerson

Florence Ryerson (1892 - 1965)

screenwriter, playwright
Shawna Waldron

Shawna Waldron (39)

American actress