The Famous Birthdays: Celebrity birthdays and famous people biographies

Famous people born in Hollywood, California, U.S.

Christina Applegate

Christina Applegate (51)

American actress
Katey Sagal

Katey Sagal (69)

American actress
Barbara Hershey

Barbara Hershey (75)

American actress
Katharine Ross

Katharine Ross (83)

American actress
Karyn Parsons

Karyn Parsons (56)

American actress
Vince Neil

Vince Neil (62)

American singer-songwriter
Duane Martin

Duane Martin (53)

American actor
Roger Mahony

Roger Mahony (87)

American cardinal
Noah Wyle

Noah Wyle (51)

American actor
Nia Peeples

Nia Peeples (61)

American singer and actress
John Lasseter

John Lasseter (66)

American director and producer
Katharine Towne

Katharine Towne (44)

American actress
Katherine Kelly Lang

Katherine Kelly Lang (61)

American actress
Burn Gorman

Burn Gorman (48)

American-English actor
Bart Johnson

Bart Johnson (52)

American actor
Jan Brewer

Jan Brewer (78)

Politician, governor
Lita Grey

Lita Grey (1908 - 1995)

American actress
Pauly Shore

Pauly Shore (55)

American comedian and actor
Lowell George

Lowell George (1945 - 1979)

Musician, Songwriter, Producer, Actor
Kevin DuBrow

Kevin DuBrow (1955 - 2007)

American singer-songwriter
Robert Carradine

Robert Carradine (69)

American actor
John Phillip Law

John Phillip Law (1937 - 2008)

Film, television actor
Cyril Takayama

Cyril Takayama (49)

American magician
Johnette Napolitano

Johnette Napolitano (65)

Musician, Songwriter
Erika Slezak

Erika Slezak (76)

American actress
Dominique Moceanu

Dominique Moceanu (41)

American gymnast
Steve Beuerlein

Steve Beuerlein (58)

American football player
Stefanie Powers

Stefanie Powers (80)

American actress
Denise Crosby

Denise Crosby (65)

American actress
Jason Thompson

Jason Thompson (68)

American Baseball Player
John Derek

John Derek (1926 - 1998)

American actor