The Famous Birthdays: Celebrity birthdays and famous people biographies

Famous people born in Jersey City, New Jersey, U.S.

Mikey Way

Mikey Way (40)

American musician

Beetlejuice (52)

American actor and comedian
Joe Budden

Joe Budden (40)

American rapper
Christina Milian

Christina Milian (39)

American singer, actress and TV personality
Richard Kuklinski

Richard Kuklinski (1935 - 2006)

American contract killer
Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart (79)

American TV personality and businesswoman

Mariahlynn (30)

American reality star
Nancy Sinatra

Nancy Sinatra (80)

American singer and actress
Nathan Lane

Nathan Lane (65)

American actor and singer
Malcolm-Jamal Warner

Malcolm-Jamal Warner (50)

American actor
Bobby Hurley

Bobby Hurley (49)

American basketball player
Derek Luke

Derek Luke (46)

American actor
Flip Wilson

Flip Wilson (1933 - 1998)

American comedian and actor
Marc Maron

Marc Maron (57)

American comedian and radio host
Susan Flannery

Susan Flannery (77)

American actress
Linda Tripp

Linda Tripp (1949 - 2020)

American civil servant
Al Di Meola

Al Di Meola (66)

American guitarist, songwriter, and producer
Tom Heinsohn

Tom Heinsohn (1934 - 2020)

American basketball player-coach
Ozzie Nelson

Ozzie Nelson (1906 - 1975)

Actor, band leader, television producer and director
Phyllis Newman

Phyllis Newman (88)