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Famous people born in Melbourne, Australia
Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth (36)

Australian actor
Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving (27)

Australian-American basketball player
Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue (51)

Australian singer-songwriter, producer, and actress
Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett (50)

Australian actress
Eric Bana

Eric Bana (51)

Australian actor
Isabel Lucas

Isabel Lucas (34)

Australian actress

Flea (56)

Australian musician
Holly Valance

Holly Valance (36)

Australian actress, model, and singer
Peter Singer

Peter Singer (73)

Australian philosopher
Andrew Bogut

Andrew Bogut (34)

Australian basketball player
Laura Robson

Laura Robson (25)

Australian-English tennis player
Rachel Griffiths

Rachel Griffiths (50)

Australian actress
Germaine Greer

Germaine Greer (80)

Australian journalist and author
Helen Reddy

Helen Reddy (77)

Australian singer and actress
Lisa Gerrard

Lisa Gerrard (58)

Australian singer, musician, and composer
Mark Philippoussis

Mark Philippoussis (42)

Australian tennis player
Bella Heathcote

Bella Heathcote (31)

Australian actress
Mark Viduka

Mark Viduka (43)

Australian footballer
Xenia Goodwin

Xenia Goodwin (25)

Actress, Dancer
David Helfgott

David Helfgott (72)

Australian pianist
Gabriella Cilmi

Gabriella Cilmi (27)

Australian singer-songwriter and producer
Leigh Whannell

Leigh Whannell (42)

Australian actor, screenwriter, and producer
Brett Tucker

Brett Tucker (47)

Australian actor
Granville Woods

Granville Woods (1856 - 1910)

American inventor
Brooke Satchwell

Brooke Satchwell (38)

Australian actress
Paul Hester

Paul Hester (1959 - 2005)

Australian musician
Ben Franks

Ben Franks (35)

New Zealand rugby union player
Lloyd Johansson

Lloyd Johansson (34)

Australian rugby union player