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Famous people born in Michigan, U.S.


Ssundee (32)

American YouTube star
Katie Betzing

Katie Betzing (23)

American YouTuber

Myth (22)

American Twitch star
Karli Reese

Karli Reese (16)

American YouTube star
Ava Michelle Cota

Ava Michelle Cota (19)

American actress

DopeIsland (23)

American Instagram star
B. Artis White

B. Artis White (20)

American TikTok star

Bazzi (23)

American singer

Drayke (18)

American TikTok star
Nathan Schwandt

Nathan Schwandt (27)

American Instagram star
Rachel Renee Russell

Rachel Renee Russell (62)

American author
Chase Matthew

Chase Matthew (18)

American YouTube star
Alahna Ly

Alahna Ly (21)

American Instagram star
Biz Betzing

Biz Betzing (25)

American Instagram star
Essence Nicole Smith

Essence Nicole Smith (23)

American YouTuber
Michael Jaroh

Michael Jaroh (19)

American gymnast
Toya Bush-Harris

Toya Bush-Harris (45)

American reality star
Sam Kiszka

Sam Kiszka (22)

American bassist
Emoni Bates

Emoni Bates (17)

American basketball star
Jeanette Cota

Jeanette Cota (47)

American reality star
Danny Wagner

Danny Wagner (21)

American drummer
Korey Kuhl

Korey Kuhl (36)

American YouTube star
Robert G. Heft

Robert G. Heft (1941 - 2009)

Designer of the American flag
Amy Roloff

Amy Roloff (56)

American reality star and author
Richelle Mead

Richelle Mead (44)

American author
Scott Fischer

Scott Fischer (1955 - 1996)

American mountaineer
Simon Curtis

Simon Curtis (35)

Singer-songwriter, actor, record producer
Nicole Curtis

Nicole Curtis (44)

American TV host
Jim Benton

Jim Benton (60)

American illustrator and children's writer, known for It's Happy Bunny.
Gene Corman

Gene Corman (1927 - 2020)

American film producer