The Famous Birthdays: Celebrity birthdays and famous people biographies

Famous people born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S.

Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick (34)

American football player
Jeffrey Dahmer

Jeffrey Dahmer (1960 - 1994)

American serial killer
Paris Berelc

Paris Berelc (23)

American actress and model
Ava Max

Ava Max (28)

American singer
Gene Wilder

Gene Wilder (1933 - 2016)

American actor
Heather Graham

Heather Graham (51)

American actress
Andy Biersack

Andy Biersack (31)

American singer-songwriter
Trixie Mattel

Trixie Mattel (32)

American singer and reality star
Jacob Latimore

Jacob Latimore (25)

American singer and actor
Chris Gardner

Chris Gardner (67)

American businessman, founded Gardner Rich & Co

KidScole (25)

American TikTok  star
K Camp

K Camp (31)

American rapper and songwriter

Jinx (29)

American YouTuber
Hezo Melo Tv

Hezo Melo Tv (21)

American YouTuber

VideoGameDunkey (30)

American social media celebrity
Latrell Sprewell

Latrell Sprewell (51)

American basketball player
Candice Michelle

Candice Michelle (43)

American wrestler and actress
Dan Harmon

Dan Harmon (49)

American screenwriter and producer
DC The Don

DC The Don (22)

American rapper
David Giuntoli

David Giuntoli (41)

American actor
Nick Viall

Nick Viall (41)

American reality star
William Rehnquist

William Rehnquist (1924 - 2005)

American lawyer and jurist, 16th Chief Justice of the United States
Charlotte Rae

Charlotte Rae (1926 - 2018)

American actress
George F. Kennan

George F. Kennan (1904 - 2005)

American advisor, diplomat, political scientist and historian
Austin Aries

Austin Aries (43)

American wrestler
Donald Knuth

Donald Knuth (84)

American computer scientist and author
Key Swag

Key Swag (22)

American rapper
Eric Benét

Eric Benét (55)

American singer-songwriter and actor
Kato Kaelin

Kato Kaelin (62)

Television personality, film actor
Deidre Hall

Deidre Hall (74)

American actress
Kelly McCreary

Kelly McCreary (40)

American actress
Al Jarreau

Al Jarreau (1940 - 2017)

American singer
Devin Harris

Devin Harris (38)

American basketball player
Bernardine Dohrn

Bernardine Dohrn (80)

Clinical Associate Professor of Law
Eric Szmanda

Eric Szmanda (46)

American actor
Tom Snyder

Tom Snyder (1936 - 2007)

American television personality
Bud Selig

Bud Selig (87)

Commissioner of Major League Baseball
Tom Dempsey

Tom Dempsey (1947 - 2020)

American football player
Neale Donald Walsch

Neale Donald Walsch (78)

American author
Leland Sklar

Leland Sklar (74)

American musician
Aimee Graham

Aimee Graham (50)

American actor
Bob Uecker

Bob Uecker (87)

American baseball player and sportscaster
Terry Porter

Terry Porter (58)

American basketball player-coach
Herb Kohl

Herb Kohl (86)

American politician
Amy Pietz

Amy Pietz (52)

American actor
Judy Tyler

Judy Tyler (1932 - 1957)

American actor
Glenn Yarborough

Glenn Yarborough (1930 - 2016)

American folk singer
Mildred Harnack

Mildred Harnack (1902 - 1943)

American-German literary historian, professor, translator and anti-Nazi fighter
Jordan Poole

Jordan Poole (22)

American basketball player