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Famous people born in Nice, France

Hugo Lloris

Hugo Lloris (34)

French footballer
Yves Klein

Yves Klein (1928 - 1962)

French painter
Billy Mitchell

Billy Mitchell (1879 - 1936)

American general
Henry Cavendish

Henry Cavendish (1731 - 1810)

French-English scientist and philosopher
Gilles Simon

Gilles Simon (36)

French tennis player
Alfred Binet

Alfred Binet (1857 - 1911)

French psychologist
Romain Amalfitano

Romain Amalfitano (31)

French footballer

Arman (1928 - 2005)

French-American painter and sculptor
J. M. G. Le Clézio

J. M. G. Le Clézio (81)

French novelist
Alizé Cornet

Alizé Cornet (31)

French tennis player
Morgan Amalfitano

Morgan Amalfitano (36)

French footballer
Simone Veil

Simone Veil (1927 - 2017)

French politician
Michèle Laroque

Michèle Laroque (61)

French actress