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Famous people born in Norfolk, Virginia, U.S.

Grant Gustin

Grant Gustin (32)

American actor and singer

Timbaland (49)

American rapper
Emmy Raver

Emmy Raver (33)

American actress
Justin Upton

Justin Upton (34)

American baseball player
Plaxico Burress

Plaxico Burress (44)

American football player
Nate Parker

Nate Parker (42)

American actor
David Wright

David Wright (39)

American baseball player
Clarence Clemons

Clarence Clemons (1942 - 2011)

American saxophonist and actor
Gene Vincent

Gene Vincent (1935 - 1971)

American singer and guitarist
Rob Estes

Rob Estes (58)

American actor
Patrick Wilson

Patrick Wilson (48)

American actor
Ed Schultz

Ed Schultz (1954 - 2018)

American talk show host
Tim Reid

Tim Reid (77)

American actor and director
Keely Smith

Keely Smith (1928 - 2017)

American singer
John Wesley Shipp

John Wesley Shipp (66)

American actor
Scott Travis

Scott Travis (60)

American drummer
Bruce Smith

Bruce Smith (58)

American footballer
Michael Cuddyer

Michael Cuddyer (42)

American professional baseball player
Danny Tidwell

Danny Tidwell (1984 - 2020)

American dancer
Joe Smith

Joe Smith (46)

American basketball player
Jay Harris

Jay Harris (56)

American sports journalist