The Famous Birthdays: Celebrity birthdays and famous people biographies

Famous people born in Pennsylvania, U.S.

Lil Uzi Vert

Lil Uzi Vert (29)

American rapper
Mark Thomas (Duhitzmark)

Mark Thomas (Duhitzmark) (22)

American internet star
Lil Peep

Lil Peep (1996 - 2017)

American rapper

EvanTubeHD (17)

American YouTube star
Paige Hyland

Paige Hyland (23)

American dancer

Pink (44)

American singer
Jaeden Martell

Jaeden Martell (20)

American actor
Gage Bills

Gage Bills (19)

American TikTok star

JillianTubeHD (15)

American YouTube star
Anna Sitar

Anna Sitar (26)

American internet personality
Lil Dicky

Lil Dicky (35)

American rapper
Isla Stanford

Isla Stanford (15)

American Instagram star
Gianna Newborg

Gianna Newborg (24)

American dancer
Sarah Carpenter

Sarah Carpenter (27)

American Instagram star

PurpleStars02 (24)

American YouTube star
Christina Perri

Christina Perri (37)

American singer and songwriter
Camden Scott

Camden Scott (32)

American YouTube star
Davine Jay

Davine Jay (25)

American YouTube star
Natalie Odell

Natalie Odell (30)

American Instagram star
Addie Babyteeth4

Addie Babyteeth4 (15)

American YouTube star
Alex Demartino

Alex Demartino (30)

American YouTube star
Sam Tsui

Sam Tsui (34)

American singer and social media star
Oakes Fegley

Oakes Fegley (19)

American actor
Brian Douglas Wells

Brian Douglas Wells (1956 - 2003)

American pizza delivery man forced bank robber
Colin Borden

Colin Borden (38)

American actor
Dana Vaughns

Dana Vaughns (25)

American singer
Jordan Powell

Jordan Powell (22)

American TikTok star
Chris Denker

Chris Denker (37)

American YouTube star
Austin Swift

Austin Swift (31)

American social media star
Leah Gosselin

Leah Gosselin (19)

American reality star
Ryan Ashley Malarkey

Ryan Ashley Malarkey (36)

American tattoo artist
Cecilia Hanna

Cecilia Hanna (21)

American TikTok star
Noah Miller

Noah Miller (24)

American entrepreneur
Catie Turner

Catie Turner (23)

American singer
Bruce Wiegner

Bruce Wiegner (34)

American singer
Paige Spara

Paige Spara (34)

American actress
Vinny Mauro

Vinny Mauro (30)

American drummer
Craig McCracken

Craig McCracken (52)

American animator
Jill Vertes

Jill Vertes (58)

American actress and social media star
Jaira Burns

Jaira Burns (26)

American singer
Sean Lee

Sean Lee (37)

American footballer
Jason Garrett

Jason Garrett (57)

American football coach
Warren Zeiders

Warren Zeiders (24)

American singer
Alex Perry

Alex Perry (39)

American screenwriter
Melinda Melrose

Melinda Melrose (30)

American actress, model
Dane Jackson

Dane Jackson (27)

American football player
Les Brown

Les Brown (1912 - 2001)

American musician
Rick Rockwell

Rick Rockwell (67)

American Comedian
Valerie Biden Owens

Valerie Biden Owens (77)

Joe Biden's younger sister
Bill Barretta

Bill Barretta (59)

American puppeteer and actor
B. Smith

B. Smith (1949 - 2020)

American model and restaurateur
Heather Lind

Heather Lind (40)

American actress