The Famous Birthdays: Celebrity birthdays and famous people biographies

Famous people born in Providence, Rhode Island, U.S.

Mikey Barone

Mikey Barone (23)

American internet star
JVKE (Jacob Lawson)

JVKE (Jacob Lawson) (21)

American singer and social media star
Pauly D

Pauly D (42)

American DJ

Ayydubs (27)

American YouTube star
Claudia Jordan

Claudia Jordan (49)

American actress and model
Cormac McCarthy

Cormac McCarthy (89)

American author
Robert Capron

Robert Capron (24)

American child actor
Jason Marsden

Jason Marsden (48)

American actor
Shanna Moakler

Shanna Moakler (47)

American model and actress
Mike Stud

Mike Stud (34)

American rapper and songwriter
Blu Cantrell

Blu Cantrell (46)

American singer-songwriter
George M. Cohan

George M. Cohan (1878 - 1942)

American composer and playwright
Matt Hyson

Matt Hyson (52)

American wrestler
Josh Schwartz

Josh Schwartz (46)

American screenwriter
Spalding Gray

Spalding Gray (1941 - 2004)

Actor, dramatist, playwright, screenwriter
Lincoln Chafee

Lincoln Chafee (69)

American politician
Paul Konerko

Paul Konerko (46)

American baseball player
Nelson Eddy

Nelson Eddy (1901 - 1967)

American musical film star, operatic baritone
Damien Chazelle

Damien Chazelle (38)

American director
Jon B.

Jon B. (48)

American singer-songwriter
Chris Sparling

Chris Sparling (45)

Ronald Dworkin

Ronald Dworkin (1931 - 2013)

American philosopher and scholar
Peter Gerety

Peter Gerety (82)

American actor