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Famous people born in Romania


Inna (35)

Romanian singer
Diana Condurache

Diana Condurache (25)

Romanian internet personality and singer
Giuliano Stroe

Giuliano Stroe (17)

Romanian bodybuilder and gymnast

Kripparrian (34)

Romanian Twitch star
Bela Karolyi

Bela Karolyi (79)

gymnastics coach
Vlad Oltean

Vlad Oltean (26)

Romanian internet star
Rowan Row

Rowan Row (32)

Romanian blogger and social media star
Marta Karolyi

Marta Karolyi (79)

gymnastics coach
Andreea Diaconu

Andreea Diaconu (30)

Romanian model
Dan Bittman

Dan Bittman (59)

Romanian singer