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Famous people born in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix (46)

Puerto Rican-American actor

Ozuna (28)

Puerto Rican singer

Marcel Ruiz (17)

Puerto Rican actor
Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin (49)

Puerto Rican-American singer-songwriter and actor

CurlyHeadJJ (18)

American internet star
Roselyn Sánchez

Roselyn Sánchez (47)

Puerto Rican singer, model and actress
Pedro Capó

Pedro Capó (40)

Puerto Rican singer
Raúl Juliá

Raúl Juliá (1940 - 1995)

Puerto Rican actor
Luis Miguel

Luis Miguel (50)

Mexican singer
Dayanara Torres

Dayanara Torres (46)

Puerto Rican actress, singer and model
Maria Elena Holly

Maria Elena Holly (88)

Widow of Buddy Holly
Jon Z

Jon Z (29)

Puerto Rican rapper
Eddie Colón

Eddie Colón (38)

Puerto Rican wrestler
Bernie Williams

Bernie Williams (52)

Puerto Rican musician, professional baseball player
Ari Meyers

Ari Meyers (51)

Puerto Rican actress
Olga Tanon

Olga Tanon (53)

Singer, Composer

Epico (38)

professional wrestler
Luis Fortuno

Luis Fortuno (60)

Puerto Rican politician
Mike Lowell

Mike Lowell (46)

Puerto Rican baseball player
Geovany Soto

Geovany Soto (38)

Puerto Rican baseball player
Wilfredo Gomez

Wilfredo Gomez (64)

Puerto Rican boxer

Residente (42)

Puerto Rican musician
Shalim Ortiz

Shalim Ortiz (41)

Musician and actor
Taina Marie Melendez

Taina Marie Melendez (26)

Family member (wife) of Ozuna

Juhn (28)

Puerto Rican singer
Wilfredo Vazquez

Wilfredo Vazquez (60)

Puerto Rican boxer