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Famous people born in Seattle, Washington, U.S.

Macklemore (36)

American rapper, songwriter
Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix (1942 - 1970)

American rock musician
Amanda Knox

Amanda Knox (32)

American writer wrongfully imprisoned in Italy for 4 years
Tori Black

Tori Black (31)

American porn actress
Nate Robinson

Nate Robinson (35)

American basketball player
Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Jeffrey Dean Morgan (53)

American actor
Gianna Michaels

Gianna Michaels (36)

American adult film star
Charissa Thompson

Charissa Thompson (27)

American sportscaster
Chris Cornell

Chris Cornell (1964 - 2017)

American singer and songwriter
Ryan Stiles

Ryan Stiles (60)

American actor
Rainn Wilson

Rainn Wilson (53)

American actor
Jay Park

Jay Park (32)

Korean-American singer-songwriter, dancer, producer, and actor
Jason Terry

Jason Terry (42)

American basketball player
Megyn Price

Megyn Price (48)

American actress
Carrie Brownstein

Carrie Brownstein (45)

American writer, actress and musician
Jamal Crawford

Jamal Crawford (39)

American basketball player
Carol Channing

Carol Channing (1921 - 2019)

American actress and singer
Fred Couples

Fred Couples (60)

American golfer
Constance Zimmer

Constance Zimmer (49)

American actress
Duff McKagan

Duff McKagan (55)

American singer-songwriter, bass player, and producer
Beau Mirchoff

Beau Mirchoff (30)

American-Canadian actor
Erika Christensen

Erika Christensen (37)

American actress
Melissa Harris-Perry

Melissa Harris-Perry (46)

American author and television host
Maiara Walsh

Maiara Walsh (31)

American actress
Josh Barnett

Josh Barnett (42)

American mixed martial artist and wrestler
Brandon Roy

Brandon Roy (35)

American basketball player
Gypsy Rose Lee

Gypsy Rose Lee (1911 - 1970)

American dancer, actress, and author
Frances Farmer

Frances Farmer (1913 - 1970)

American actress
Judy Collins

Judy Collins (80)

American singer-songwriter and musician
Mark Lanegan

Mark Lanegan (55)

American singer-songwriter
Sanjaya Malakar

Sanjaya Malakar (30)

American reality television personality
Steven Hill

Steven Hill (1922 - 2016)

American actor
Jean Smart

Jean Smart (68)

American actress
Sir Mix-a-Lot

Sir Mix-a-Lot (56)

American rapper and producer
Apollo Anton Ohno

Apollo Anton Ohno (37)

Speed skater
Robert Stroud

Robert Stroud (1890 - 1963)

American criminal and ornithologist
Stacie Orrico

Stacie Orrico (33)

American singer-songwriter
Stone Gossard

Stone Gossard (53)

American singer-songwriter and musician
Alison Sudol

Alison Sudol (34)

Singer-songwriter, pianist
Jimmy Wong

Jimmy Wong (33)

American actor-singer

Sinitta (53)

American singer-songwriter and actress
Kim Thayil

Kim Thayil (59)

American musician
Josie Bissett

Josie Bissett (50)

American actress
Ann Reinking

Ann Reinking (70)

Actress, dancer, choreographer
Minoru Yamasaki

Minoru Yamasaki (1912 - 1986)

American architect
Barbara Minty

Barbara Minty (66)

American writer
Natalie Grant

Natalie Grant (47)

Singer, songwriter
Brian Haley

Brian Haley (56)

Actor, Comedian
John Olerud

John Olerud (51)

American baseball player
Corey Dillon

Corey Dillon (45)

Player of American football