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Famous people born in Vancouver, Canada

Finn Wolfhard

Finn Wolfhard (18)

Canadian actor
Capri Everitt

Capri Everitt (17)

Canadian singer
Luca Schaefer-Charlton

Luca Schaefer-Charlton (17)

Canadian TikTok and Instagram star
Anna Cathcart

Anna Cathcart (18)

Canadian actress
Jacob Tremblay

Jacob Tremblay (15)

Canadian actor
Dylan Kingwell

Dylan Kingwell (17)

Canadian actor
Sarah Jeffery

Sarah Jeffery (25)

Canadian actress and dancer

Grimes (33)

Canadian singer
Samara Redway

Samara Redway (26)

Canadian YouTuber
Nick Wolfhard

Nick Wolfhard (24)

Canadian actor
Rhys Dawkins

Rhys Dawkins (21)

Canadian TikTok star
Jean-Luc Bilodeau

Jean-Luc Bilodeau (31)

Canadian actor
Tiera Skovbye

Tiera Skovbye (26)

Canadian actress
Nolan Gerard Funk

Nolan Gerard Funk (35)

Canadian actor, singer, and dancer
Molly Smith

Molly Smith (28)

Canadian social media star
Graham Verchere

Graham Verchere (19)

Canadian actress
Jonathan Scott

Jonathan Scott (43)

Canadian TV show host
Josh Ramsay

Josh Ramsay (36)

Canadian singer-songwriter
Edison Chen

Edison Chen (41)

Canadian actor
Torrance Coombs

Torrance Coombs (38)

Canadian actor
Nardwuar the Human Serviette

Nardwuar the Human Serviette (53)

Canadian singer, television host and keyboardist
Charlene Choi

Charlene Choi (39)

Canadian-Hong Kong singer and actress
Taylor Russell

Taylor Russell (27)

Canadian actress
Milan Lucic

Milan Lucic (33)

Canadian hockey player
Rian McCririck

Rian McCririck (16)

Canadian actor
Matreya Fedor

Matreya Fedor (24)

Canadian actress
Ali Skovbye

Ali Skovbye (19)

Canadian actress
Sarah Kawahara

Sarah Kawahara (60)

Canadian figure skater and choreographer
Chanelle Peloso

Chanelle Peloso (28)

Canadian actress
Kate Bock

Kate Bock (28)

Canadian model
Erica Cerra

Erica Cerra (42)

Canadian actress
Tanaya Beatty

Tanaya Beatty (30)

Canadian actress
Trevor Guthrie

Trevor Guthrie (48)

Canadian singer
Gabrielle Miller

Gabrielle Miller (48)

Canadian actress
Ian Tracey (Actor)

Ian Tracey (Actor) (57)

Canadian actor
Reilly Dolman

Reilly Dolman (33)

Canadian actor
Jared Van Snellenberg

Jared Van Snellenberg (41)

Canadian actor and academic psychologist