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Famous people born in West Chester, Pennsylvania, U.S.

Bam Margera

Bam Margera (41)

American skateboarder and director

Matisyahu (42)

American rapper and activist
Charlie McDermott

Charlie McDermott (31)

American actor
Smedley Butler

Smedley Butler (1881 - 1940)

American marine general
Bayard Rustin

Bayard Rustin (1912 - 1987)

American civil rights activist
Samuel Barber

Samuel Barber (1910 - 1981)

American composer
Brandon DiCamillo

Brandon DiCamillo (44)

American comedian, actor, and stuntman
Jim Furyk

Jim Furyk (51)

Professional golfer
Jess Margera

Jess Margera (42)

American drummer
Walter T. Kerwin

Walter T. Kerwin (1917 - 2008)

Recipient of the Purple Heart medal