The Famous Birthdays: Celebrity birthdays and famous people biographies
Famous people born in 1934
Charles Manson

Charles Manson (1934 - 2017)

American murderer
Maggie Smith

Maggie Smith (84)

English actress
Judi Dench

Judi Dench (84)

English actress
Carl Sagan

Carl Sagan (1934 - 1996)

American astronomer and writer
Bill Russell

Bill Russell (85)

American basketball player
Alan Arkin

Alan Arkin (85)

American actor
Sophia Loren

Sophia Loren (85)

Italian actress
Brigitte Bardot

Brigitte Bardot (85)

French actress and animal rights activist
Betty Shabazz

Betty Shabazz (1934 - 1997)

American educator and activist, wife of Malcolm X
Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen (1934 - 2016)

Canadian singer, songwriter and poet
Yuri Gagarin

Yuri Gagarin (1934 - 1968)

Soviet cosmonaut and the first human in space
Shirley MacLaine

Shirley MacLaine (85)

American actor and author
Jane Goodall

Jane Goodall (85)

British primatologist, ethologist, athropologist, and UN Messenger of Peace
Tarcisio Bertone

Tarcisio Bertone (84)

Italian cardinal and diplomat
Rue McClanahan

Rue McClanahan (1934 - 2010)

American actress
Gloria Steinem

Gloria Steinem (85)

American feminist and publisher
Van Cliburn

Van Cliburn (1934 - 2013)

American pianist
Hank Aaron

Hank Aaron (85)

American baseball player
Tom Baker

Tom Baker (85)

English actor
Frankie Valli

Frankie Valli (85)

American singer
Pat Boone

Pat Boone (85)

American singer and actor
Eduard Khil

Eduard Khil (1934 - 2012)

Russian singer
Roberto Clemente

Roberto Clemente (1934 - 1972)

Puerto Rican baseball player
Manuel Noriega

Manuel Noriega (1934 - 2017)

Panamanian general and politician
Barry Humphries

Barry Humphries (85)

Australian comedian, actor, and author
Tina Louise

Tina Louise (85)

American actress and singer
Don Cherry

Don Cherry (85)

Canadian sportscaster
Wilford Brimley

Wilford Brimley (85)

American actor
Shirley Jones

Shirley Jones (85)

American singer and actress
Ralph Nader

Ralph Nader (85)

American lawyer, author, and activist
Diahann Carroll

Diahann Carroll (85)

American actor
Richard D. Zanuck

Richard D. Zanuck (1934 - 2012)

American film producer
Norman Schwarzkopf

Norman Schwarzkopf (1934 - 2012)

United States Army general and recipient of the Purple Heart medal
Florence Henderson

Florence Henderson (1934 - 2016)

American actress and singer
Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani (85)

Italian fashion designer
Marty Feldman

Marty Feldman (1934 - 1982)

English comedian and actor
Daniel Kahneman

Daniel Kahneman (85)

Israeli economist
Louise Fletcher

Louise Fletcher (85)

American actress
Ronald Wayne

Ronald Wayne (85)

American businessman
Russ Tamblyn

Russ Tamblyn (84)

American actor, singer, and dancer
Bill Bixby

Bill Bixby (1934 - 1993)

American actor
Sydney Pollack

Sydney Pollack (1934 - 2008)

American director
Pratibha Patil

Pratibha Patil (84)

Indian politician
Jackie Wilson

Jackie Wilson (1934 - 1984)

American singer-songwriter
Brian Epstein

Brian Epstein (1934 - 1967)

English talent manager
Ruskin Bond

Ruskin Bond (85)

Indian author
Joan Didion

Joan Didion (84)

American author
Jamie Farr

Jamie Farr (85)

American actor