The Famous Birthdays: Celebrity birthdays and famous people biographies

Famous people born in 2005

Sabre Norris

Sabre Norris (19)

Australian social media star and skateboarder
Darren Watkins (IShowSpeed)

Darren Watkins (IShowSpeed) (19)

American internet personality

EvanTubeHD (18)

American YouTube star
Sophie Michelle

Sophie Michelle (18)

American YouTube Star
Brady Farrar

Brady Farrar (19)

American dancer
Hali’a Beamer

Hali’a Beamer (19)

American TikTok star
Ruby Rose Turner

Ruby Rose Turner (18)

American actress
Tristan Pravong

Tristan Pravong (18)

American actor
Brady Hepner

Brady Hepner (18)

American actor
Sicily Rose

Sicily Rose (18)

American model
Olivia Haschak

Olivia Haschak (18)

American dancer
Asia Ray

Asia Ray (18)

American Dancer
Baby Kaely

Baby Kaely (19)

American rapper
Caleb Coffee

Caleb Coffee (19)

American Social Media Personality
Lev Cameron Khmelev

Lev Cameron Khmelev (18)

American dancer and actor

d4vd (19)

American singer
Alabama Barker

Alabama Barker (18)

American social media star

IBella (19)

American YouTube star
Mathew Valenzuela

Mathew Valenzuela (18)

American social media personality
Kristina Pimenova

Kristina Pimenova (18)

Russian model and actress
Brooklyn Queen

Brooklyn Queen (18)

American rapper
Honey Boo Boo (Alana Thompson)

Honey Boo Boo (Alana Thompson) (18)

American reality star
Paityn Madich

Paityn Madich (18)

American social media star and model
Ella Anderson

Ella Anderson (19)

American actress

BadKid.Jay (19)

American rapper and Instagram star
Nicole Laeno

Nicole Laeno (18)

American actress, model and dancer
Noah Jupe

Noah Jupe (19)

English actor
Madi Filipowicz

Madi Filipowicz (18)

American actress
Claire Drake

Claire Drake (19)

American internet personality
Avia Butler

Avia Butler (18)

American YouTuber
Kylie Cantrall

Kylie Cantrall (18)

American actress and  YouTuber
GiaNina Paolantonio

GiaNina Paolantonio (18)

American singer and dancer
Navia Robinson

Navia Robinson (18)

American actress
Lil Mabu

Lil Mabu (19)

American rapper
Kaci Conder

Kaci Conder (18)

English social media star
Whitney Bjerken

Whitney Bjerken (19)

American gymnast, singer, and YouTube star
Bad Kid Mykel

Bad Kid Mykel (18)

American gamer and social media star
Mabel Chee

Mabel Chee (18)

American model
Brianna Buchanan

Brianna Buchanan (18)

American social media star
Nathan Blair

Nathan Blair (18)

American actor
Princesa Leonor

Princesa Leonor (18)

Spanish princess
Issac Ryan Brown

Issac Ryan Brown (18)

American actor
Jayla Vlach

Jayla Vlach (18)

American YouTuber
Rylan McKnight

Rylan McKnight (19)

American internet star
BadKid Bam

BadKid Bam (18)

American YouTube star
Jiggy Turner

Jiggy Turner (18)

American internet personality
Maesi Caes

Maesi Caes (19)

American dancer
Mr Bee

Mr Bee (18)

Canadian YouTube star
Life with Mak

Life with Mak (18)

American YouTuber
Tyler Davis

Tyler Davis (18)

American YouTube star

Clix (19)

American eSports player
Rykel Bennett

Rykel Bennett (19)

American YouTube star