The Famous Birthdays: Celebrity birthdays and famous people biographies

Famous people born in 2012

Everleigh Soutas

Everleigh Soutas (10)

American Instagram star
Blue Ivy Carter

Blue Ivy Carter (11)

Daughter of Beyonce and Jay Z
Penelope Disick

Penelope Disick (10)

American internet star and daughter of Kourtney Kardashian
Ava Foley

Ava Foley (10)

American actress, model, and internet personality
Riley Curry

Riley Curry (10)

Daughter of Stephen Curry
Vivien Lyra Blair

Vivien Lyra Blair (10)

American actress
Cora Bennett

Cora Bennett (10)

American YouTuber
Isla Ingham

Isla Ingham (10)

English YouTuber
Claire Crosby

Claire Crosby (10)

American YouTuber
Emilia Saccone-Joly

Emilia Saccone-Joly (10)

Irish YouTuber
Sophie Conder

Sophie Conder (11)

English internet star
Maya Maxwell

Maya Maxwell (10)

American YouTuber
Sophie Fatu

Sophie Fatu (10)

American singer
Brendan Schroeder

Brendan Schroeder (10)

American dancer
Ava Brown

Ava Brown (11)

Sister of Millie Bobby Brown
Logan Moreau

Logan Moreau (11)

American actor
Caleb Johnston

Caleb Johnston (11)

American YouTube star
Dorothy Gee

Dorothy Gee (10)

American internet star
Tinsley Price

Tinsley Price (10)

American actress
Willow Morgan

Willow Morgan (10)

American model
Angelee Vera

Angelee Vera (10)

American actress
Sekora Alce

Sekora Alce (10)

Canadian YouTube star
Brielle Milla

Brielle Milla (11)

American television and internet personality
Charlie Townsend

Charlie Townsend (10)

American actress
Copeland Quinn

Copeland Quinn (10)

Daughter of Kellin Quinn
Brooke Monroe

Brooke Monroe (11)

American model
Hallie Gomez

Hallie Gomez (10)

American YouTube star
Chacha Shen

Chacha Shen (10)

American dancer
Tavaris Jones

Tavaris Jones (11)

American dancer
Thiago Messi Roccuzzo

Thiago Messi Roccuzzo (10)

The son of Lionel Messi