The Famous Birthdays: Celebrity birthdays and famous people biographies
December 20th famous birthdays
Jonah Hill

Jonah Hill (35)

American actor, producer, and screenwriter

Karim Benzema

Karim Benzema (31)

French footballer

Ashley Cole

Ashley Cole (38)

English footballer

Lucy Pinder

Lucy Pinder (35)

English model

Branch Rickey

Branch Rickey (1881 - 1965)

American baseball player and manager

Lara Stone

Lara Stone (35)

Dutch model

Billy Bragg

Billy Bragg (61)

English singer-songwriter and guitarist

Jenny Agutter

Jenny Agutter (66)

English actress

Uri Geller

Uri Geller (72)

Israeli psychic

Peter Criss

Peter Criss (73)

American singer-songwriter, drummer, and producer

Todd Phillips

Todd Phillips (48)

director, screenwriter, producer, actor

Alan Parsons

Alan Parsons (70)

English musician

Jang Hyuk

Jang Hyuk (42)

South Korean actor

Dick Wolf

Dick Wolf (72)

American director, screenwriter, and producer

Mark Coleman

Mark Coleman (54)

American mixed martial artist

David Wright

David Wright (36)

American baseball player

Rich Gannon

Rich Gannon (53)

American football player

Robert Menzies

Robert Menzies (1894 - 1978)

Australian politician

Samuel Mudd

Samuel Mudd (1833 - 1883)

American physician

Nicole de Boer

Nicole de Boer (48)

Canadian actress

Kim Ki-duk

Kim Ki-duk (58)

South Korean director

David Bohm

David Bohm (1917 - 1992)

American-English physicist, philosopher, and neuropsychologist

Sandra Cisneros

Sandra Cisneros (64)

Novelist, poet, short story writer

Martín Demichelis

Martín Demichelis (38)

Argentine footballer

Mike Watt

Mike Watt (61)

American singer-songwriter and bass player

Anna Vissi

Anna Vissi (61)

Cypriot singer

Keny Arkana

Keny Arkana (36)

French rapper

Geremi Njitap

Geremi Njitap (40)

Cameroon footballer

Aubrey Huff

Aubrey Huff (42)

American baseball player

Harvey Firestone

Harvey Firestone (1868 - 1938)

Founder of Firestone Tire and Rubber Company

Allan Hyde

Allan Hyde (29)

Danish actor

Gigliola Cinquetti

Gigliola Cinquetti (71)

Italian singer-songwriter and journalist

Jean-Claude Trichet

Jean-Claude Trichet (76)

French banker and economist

Jaydy Michel

Jaydy Michel (43)

Mexican model

Gabby Hartnett

Gabby Hartnett (1900 - 1972)

American baseball player and coach

Rik Van Looy

Rik Van Looy (85)

Belgian cyclist