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Famous Trumpet Players

Miles Davis

Miles Davis (1926 - 1991)

American trumpeter, bandleader, and composer
Donald Byrd

Donald Byrd (1932 - 2013)

American trumpet player
Dizzy Gillespie

Dizzy Gillespie (1917 - 1993)

American trumpet player, bandleader, and composer
Chet Baker

Chet Baker (1929 - 1988)

American trumpet player and singer
Herb Alpert

Herb Alpert (88)

American trumpeter and band leader
Tommy Dorsey

Tommy Dorsey (1905 - 1956)

American musician
Wynton Marsalis

Wynton Marsalis (62)

American trumpet player, composer, and educator
Chris Botti

Chris Botti (61)

American trumpet player and composer
Jon Faddis

Jon Faddis (70)

American trumpet player