The Famous Birthdays: Celebrity birthdays and famous people biographies

February 2nd famous birthdays


Shakira (44)

Colombian singer-songwriter, producer, and actress

Tyler Brown

Tyler Brown (19)

American social media star

Gerard Piqué

Gerard Piqué (34)

Spanish footballer

Ayn Rand

Ayn Rand (1905 - 1982)

Russian-American author and philosopher

Soni Nicole Bringas

Soni Nicole Bringas (19)

American actress and dancer

Spencer Elmer

Spencer Elmer (21)

English YouTube star

James Joyce

James Joyce (1882 - 1941)

Irish novelist and poet

Arfa Karim

Arfa Karim (1995 - 2012)

Pakistani student and computer programmer

Ingrid Nilsen

Ingrid Nilsen (32)

American YouTube star

Duane Chapman

Duane Chapman (68)

American bounty hunter

Universal Sam

Universal Sam (18)

American TikTok star

Christie Brinkley

Christie Brinkley (67)

American model and actress

Park Geun-hye

Park Geun-hye (69)

South Korean politician

Jontavian Barber

Jontavian Barber (22)

American YouTube star

Judy Travis

Judy Travis (35)

American YouTuber


MimiLandTV (13)

American YouTuber


Caeli (31)

Mexican social media star

Sam Collins

Sam Collins (25)

American YouTuber

Jennifer Westfeldt

Jennifer Westfeldt (51)

American actress and screenwriter

Ina Garten

Ina Garten (73)

American chef and author

Delwar Hossain Sayeedi

Delwar Hossain Sayeedi (66)

Bangladeshi politician

Messiah Harris

Messiah Harris (21)

American Instagram star

Donald Driver

Donald Driver (46)

American football player

Binks So Famous

Binks So Famous (23)

American YouTube star

Seamus Gorman

Seamus Gorman (23)

English social media star

Ellie Bamber

Ellie Bamber (24)

English actress

Duncan Bannatyne

Duncan Bannatyne (72)

Scottish businessman and author

Casey Abrams

Casey Abrams (30)

American musician

Christine Bleakley

Christine Bleakley (42)

Northern Irish television presenter

Lauren Bushnell

Lauren Bushnell (31)

American reality star

Elaine Stritch

Elaine Stritch (1925 - 2014)

American actress and singer

Shamita Shetty

Shamita Shetty (42)

Indian actress

Natalie Halcro

Natalie Halcro (33)

Canadian model and social media star

Graham Nash

Graham Nash (79)

English-American singer-songwriter and guitarist

Todd Bertuzzi

Todd Bertuzzi (46)

Canadian ice hockey player

Adam Ferrara

Adam Ferrara (55)

American actor and comedian

Alena Rose Jonas

Alena Rose Jonas (7)

Daughter of Kevin Jonas

Lori Beth Denberg

Lori Beth Denberg (45)

American actress

Millvina Dean

Millvina Dean (1912 - 2009)

English survivor of the Sinking of the RMS Titanic

Heather Sanders

Heather Sanders (31)

American entrepreneur

Aaron Staton

Aaron Staton (43)

American actor

Stan Getz

Stan Getz (1927 - 1991)

American saxophonist

Lil Debbie

Lil Debbie (31)

rapper, entertainer, designer

John Cornyn

John Cornyn (69)

American politician

Jascha Heifetz

Jascha Heifetz (1901 - 1987)

Lithuanian violinist

Lauren Lane

Lauren Lane (60)

American actress

Ravel Morrison

Ravel Morrison (28)

English footballer

On this day

February 2 in History

  • 1653

    February 2, 1653:

    New Amsterdam (present-day New York City) is incorporated into a city through its reception of municipal rights.

  • 1848

    February 2, 1848:

    The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo is signed by Mexico and the United States.

  • 1901

    February 2, 1901:

    A state funeral is held in Windsor Castle’s St. George’s Chapel for the fallen British monarch, Queen Victoria.

  • 1912

    February 2, 1912:

    The first movie stunt is performed by Frederick Rodman Law with a parachute from the Statue of Liberty.

  • 1971

    February 2, 1971:

    Idi Amin begins his reign as the self-declared President of Uganda.

  • 1974

    February 2, 1974:

    The song “The Way We Were” by Barbra Streisand peaks at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

  • 1979

    February 2, 1979:

    British punk rock band, the Sex Pistols member Sid Vicious is killed by a drug overdose in New York City.

  • 1990

    February 2, 1990:

    The ban on the African National Congress party of South Africa is finally lifted by the country’s President, F.W. de Klerk after 30 years, freeing Nelson Mandela from prison.

  • 2012

    February 2, 2012:

    An accidental heroin overdose kills American actor Philip Seymour Hoffman.

  • 2014

    February 2, 2014:

    The Seattle Seahawks defeat Denver Broncos to become Super Bowl XLVIII champions.