The Famous Birthdays: Celebrity birthdays and famous people biographies
February 9th famous birthdays
Tom Hiddleston

Tom Hiddleston (38)

English actor

William Henry Harrison

William Henry Harrison (1773 - 1841)

American general and politician

Stompin' Tom Connors

Stompin' Tom Connors (1936 - 2013)

Canadian singer-songwriter and guitarist

Charlie Day

Charlie Day (43)

American actor

Thomas Paine

Thomas Paine (1737 - 1809)

English-American philosopher, author, and activist

Mia Farrow

Mia Farrow (74)

American actress and singer

Carole King

Carole King (77)

American singer-songwriter and pianist

Avan Jogia

Avan Jogia (27)

Canadian actor, singer, and dancer

Zhang Ziyi

Zhang Ziyi (40)

Chinese actress

Chris Gardner

Chris Gardner (65)

American businessman, founded Gardner Rich & Co

The Rev

The Rev (1981 - 2009)

American singer-songwriter and drummer

Vince Papale

Vince Papale (73)

American football player

Alice Walker

Alice Walker (75)

American author and poet

Margarita Levieva

Margarita Levieva (39)

Russian-American actress and gymnast

Judith Light

Judith Light (70)

American actress

Amber Valletta

Amber Valletta (45)

American model and actress

Rahul Roy

Rahul Roy (51)

Indian actor

Han Geng

Han Geng (35)

Chinese singer, actor

David Gallagher

David Gallagher (34)

American actor

J. M. Coetzee

J. M. Coetzee (79)

South African author

Jimmy Bennett

Jimmy Bennett (23)

American actor and singer

Kelli Berglund

Kelli Berglund (23)

American actress

Carmen Miranda

Carmen Miranda (1909 - 1955)

Portuguese-Brazilian actress, singer, and dancer

Brian Greene

Brian Greene (56)

American physicist

Crispin Freeman

Crispin Freeman (47)

American voice actor

Travis Tritt

Travis Tritt (56)

American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and actor

Glenn McGrath

Glenn McGrath (49)

Australian cricketer

Sharon Case

Sharon Case (48)

American actress

Gerhard Richter

Gerhard Richter (87)

German painter

Frank Frazetta

Frank Frazetta (1928 - 2010)

American illustrator

Darren Ferguson

Darren Ferguson (47)

Scottish footballer

Jim J. Bullock

Jim J. Bullock (64)

American actor

Jameer Nelson

Jameer Nelson (37)

American basketball player

Vladimir Guerrero

Vladimir Guerrero (44)

Dominican baseball player

Holly Johnson

Holly Johnson (59)

English singer-songwriter and bass player

David Bateson

David Bateson (59)

South African-Danish actor

Shelly Martinez

Shelly Martinez (39)

American wrestler and actress

Jim Webb

Jim Webb (73)

American politician

Kevin Warwick

Kevin Warwick (65)

English scientist and academic

Alban Berg

Alban Berg (1885 - 1935)

Austrian composer

Camille Winbush

Camille Winbush (29)

American actor

Angelos Charisteas

Angelos Charisteas (39)

Greek footballer

Dean Rusk

Dean Rusk (1909 - 1994)

American politician, 54th United States Secretary of State

John Kruk

John Kruk (58)

American baseball player