The Famous Birthdays: Celebrity birthdays and famous people biographies

January 8th famous birthdays

Kim Jong-un

Kim Jong-un (36)

North Korean leader

Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking (1942 - 2018)

English physicist and author

David Bowie

David Bowie (1947 - 2016)

English singer, songwriter and musician

Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley (1935 - 1977)

American singer, guitarist and actor


Troy Zarba (18)

American social media star

R. Kelly

R. Kelly (53)

American singer-songwriter, producer, and actor

Maria Ozawa

Maria Ozawa (34)

Japanese-Canadian adult film actress and model

Brooke Greenberg

Brooke Greenberg (1993 - 2013)

American with Syndrome X disease

Sean Paul

Sean Paul (47)

Jamaican musician

Ryan Destiny

Ryan Destiny (25)

American actress and singer

Graham Chapman

Graham Chapman (1941 - 1989)

English comedian and actor

Carl Rogers

Carl Rogers (1902 - 1987)

American psychologist

Sarah Polley

Sarah Polley (41)

Canadian actress, director, and screenwriter

Alfred Russel Wallace

Alfred Russel Wallace (1823 - 1913)

British geographer, biologist, and explorer

Jenny Lewis

Jenny Lewis (44)

American singer-songwriter

Chris Masters

Chris Masters (37)

American wrestler

Adrian Mutu

Adrian Mutu (41)

Romanian footballer

Gypsy Rose Lee

Gypsy Rose Lee (1911 - 1970)

American dancer, actress, and author

Allison Harvard

Allison Harvard (32)

American model and actress

Noah Cyrus

Noah Cyrus (20)

American actress and singer

Michelle Forbes

Michelle Forbes (55)

American actress

David Silva

David Silva (34)

Spanish footballer

Josh Meyers

Josh Meyers (44)

American actor

Maximilian Kolbe

Maximilian Kolbe (1894 - 1941)

Polish martyr and saint

Harris Jayaraj

Harris Jayaraj (45)

Indian composer

Amber Benson

Amber Benson (43)

American actress

Just Blaze

Just Blaze (42)

American record producer

James Longstreet

James Longstreet (1821 - 1904)

American general and diplomat

José Ferrer

José Ferrer (1912 - 1992)

Puerto Rican actor

Terry Brooks

Terry Brooks (76)

American author

John McTiernan

John McTiernan (69)

American director and producer

Robby Krieger

Robby Krieger (74)

American guitarist and songwriter


Queen Buenrostro (23)

Mexican internet star

Freddie Stroma

Freddie Stroma (33)

British actor

Yvette Mimieux

Yvette Mimieux (78)

American actress


Khylin Rhambo (24)

American actor

Genevieve Padalecki

Genevieve Padalecki (39)

American actress

Bart Starr

Bart Starr (86)

American football player

Soupy Sales

Soupy Sales (1926 - 2009)

American comedian and actor

Larry Storch

Larry Storch (97)

American actor

Wilkie Collins

Wilkie Collins (1824 - 1889)

English author and playwright

Albert Bierstadt

Albert Bierstadt (1830 - 1902)

German-American painter

Ron Sexsmith

Ron Sexsmith (56)

Canadian singer-songwriter

Jamie T

Jamie T (34)

British singer

Ron Moody

Ron Moody (1924 - 2015)

Actor, composer, singer, writer

William Bonin

William Bonin (1947 - 1996)

American serial killer and sex offender

Junichiro Koizumi

Junichiro Koizumi (78)

Japanese politician

Michael Mancienne

Michael Mancienne (32)

English footballer