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January 9th famous birthdays

Brent Rivera

Brent Rivera (26)

American actor and YouTube star


Wengie (38)

Chinese YouTuber

Blake Gray

Blake Gray (23)

American Instagram star

Richard Nixon

Richard Nixon (1913 - 1994)

American politician

Nina Dobrev

Nina Dobrev (35)

Bulgarian-Canadian actress

Deshae Frost

Deshae Frost (23)

American comedian


Zar.r (24)

American TikTok star

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton (42)

Wife of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge

Damaury Mikula

Damaury Mikula (21)

American TikTok star

Jimmy Page

Jimmy Page (80)

English guitarist, songwriter, and producer

Toosii (Nau'Jour
Lazier Grainger)

Toosii (Nau'Jour Lazier Grainger) (24)

American rapper and songwriter

Flo Milli

Flo Milli (24)

American rapper


Eret (25)

English Twitch star

Liana Jade Brooker

Liana Jade Brooker (25)

Welsh internet personality

Joan Baez

Joan Baez (83)

American singer-songwriter and activist

Muggsy Bogues

Muggsy Bogues (59)

American basketball player

Farah Khan

Farah Khan (59)

Indian director, actress, and choreographer

Nicola Peltz

Nicola Peltz (29)

American actress

MF Doom

MF Doom (1971 - 2020)

English-American rapper

Joely Richardson

Joely Richardson (59)

English actress

Elijah Daniel

Elijah Daniel (30)

American comedian, singer and record producer

Tommy the Clown

Tommy the Clown (55)

American dancer

Domo Glo Twins

Domo Glo Twins (23)

American YouTube star

Nicole García

Nicole García (24)

Venezuelan social media star

Lauryn McClain

Lauryn McClain (27)

American actress

J. K. Simmons

J. K. Simmons (69)

American actor

Jailyne Ojeda Ochoa

Jailyne Ojeda Ochoa (26)

American Instagram star

Gennaro Gattuso

Gennaro Gattuso (46)

Italian footballer

A. J. McLean

A. J. McLean (46)

American singer

Imelda Staunton

Imelda Staunton (68)

English actress


Holygxd (23)

American internet personality

Crystal Gayle

Crystal Gayle (73)

American singer-songwriter and producer

Julie Chrisley

Julie Chrisley (51)

American reality star

Cody Carson

Cody Carson (35)

American punk singer

Lara Fabian

Lara Fabian (54)

Belgian-Italian singer

Joshua Weissman

Joshua Weissman (28)

American chef, food blogger and cookbook author

Avery Christine

Avery Christine (23)

American YouTube star


LØREN (29)

South Korean singer

Sergio García

Sergio García (44)

Spanish golfer

Mehmet Ali Ağca

Mehmet Ali Ağca (66)

Turkish murderer

Paolo Nutini

Paolo Nutini (37)

Scottish singer-songwriter and guitarist

Lucas Leiva

Lucas Leiva (37)

Brazilian footballer

Lottie Moss

Lottie Moss (26)

English model

Kennie J.D.

Kennie J.D. (29)

American YouTube star

Chad Johnson

Chad Johnson (46)

Ex-American footballer

Dayana's Life

Dayana's Life (19)

American YouTube star

Anais Lee

Anais Lee (17)

American actress

Álvaro Soler

Álvaro Soler (33)

Spanish singer

Laine Taylor

Laine Taylor (22)

Canadian YouTube star

Dave Matthews

Dave Matthews (57)

South African-American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and actor

Gavin Lillard

Gavin Lillard (21)

American TikTok star

On this day

January 9 in History

  • 1768

    January 9, 1768:

    The first modern circus is held in London, organized by Philip Astley.

  • 1839

    January 9, 1839:

    Louis-Jacques-Mande Daguerre announces his invention of the daguerreotype, a form of photography which became the first commercially successful type.

  • 1960

    January 9, 1960:

    Work begins on the Aswan High Dam in Egypt.

  • 1976

    January 9, 1976:

    Sylvester Stallone begins work on the set of “Rocky”.

  • 1979

    January 9, 1979: The Music for UNICEF Concert is held at the UN General Assembly Hall in New York City with performances by top pop stars.
  • 2001

    January 9, 2001:

    Apple Inc. establishes its digital media app, iTunes.

  • 2002

    January 9, 2002:

    The American Music Awards honors Michael Jackson with the Artist of the Century Award.

  • 2005

    January 9, 2005:

    Mahmoud Abbas is elected President of the Palestinian Authority.

  • 2007

    January 9, 2007:

    At the Macworld Convention in San Francisco, Steve Jobs unveils the iPhone.