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July 28th famous birthdays

Hugo Chávez

Hugo Chávez (1954 - 2013)

Venezuelan politician

Payton Moormeier

Payton Moormeier (18)

American TikTok star

Mia Hayward

Mia Hayward (21)

American Instagram star

Brad Simpson

Brad Simpson (26)

English singer

Cher Lloyd

Cher Lloyd (28)

English singer

Brandon Calvillo

Brandon Calvillo (27)

American actor

Dom Brack

Dom Brack (18)

American TikTok star

Victoria Baldesarra

Victoria Baldesarra (23)

Canadian actress

Harry Kane

Harry Kane (28)

English soccer player

Jeremy Lynch

Jeremy Lynch (33)

English YouTube star

Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy (31)

American rapper

Cain Velasquez

Cain Velasquez (39)

Mexican-American martial artist

Audrey Mika

Audrey Mika (21)

American YouTuber


Dhanush (38)

Indian actor and singer

Lauren Lindsey Donzis

Lauren Lindsey Donzis (17)

American actress and singer

Lori Loughlin

Lori Loughlin (57)

American actress

Elizabeth Berkley

Elizabeth Berkley (49)

American actress

Jonathan Tooby

Jonathan Tooby (18)

American social media star

Marcel Duchamp

Marcel Duchamp (1887 - 1968)

French painter and sculptor

Dana White

Dana White (52)

American businessman and President of the UFC

Shelby Bain

Shelby Bain (20)

Canadian dancer and actress


Tabbes (24)

American YouTube star

Lauren Grace

Lauren Grace (18)

Spanish TikTok star

Alexandra Chando

Alexandra Chando (35)

American actress

Michael Carrick

Michael Carrick (40)

English footballer

Unique Lashea

Unique Lashea (20)

American YouTuber

Karl Popper

Karl Popper (1902 - 1994)

Austrian-English philosopher

Gavin VanDaele

Gavin VanDaele (18)

American social media star

Cartia Mallan

Cartia Mallan (23)

Australian YouTuber


JulezPrintz (23)

American TikTok star


Slappie (18)

American eSports player

Cutie Pun Pun

Cutie Pun Pun (15)

Filipino YouTuber

Peter Cullen

Peter Cullen (80)

Canadian voice actor

Terry Fox

Terry Fox (1958 - 1981)

Canadian athlete and activist

Nolan Gerard Funk

Nolan Gerard Funk (35)

Canadian actor, singer, and dancer

Manu Ginóbili

Manu Ginóbili (44)

Argentine basketball player

Syd’s Vids

Syd’s Vids (21)

American YouTuber

Rob Jensen

Rob Jensen (44)

American YouTuber

Nicholas Matthews

Nicholas Matthews (33)

American singer

Zach Parise

Zach Parise (37)

American ice hockey player

Kobe Bryce Lankford

Kobe Bryce Lankford (20)

American YouTuber

Rob Mileti

Rob Mileti (18)

American TikTok star

Dustin Milligan

Dustin Milligan (36)

Canadian actor

Ali Krieger

Ali Krieger (37)

American soccer player

Virlán García

Virlán García (24)

Mexican singer

Sweet Anita

Sweet Anita (31)

English internet personality

On this day

July 28 in History

  • 1932

    July 28, 1932:

    American pre-code horror film titled "White Zombie" is released in the United States.

  • 1957

    July 28, 1957:

    Country singer Jerry Lee Lewis makes his television debut on the “Steve Allen Show”.

  • 1969

    July 28, 1969:

    The British rock band, The Beatles record their songs titled "Polythene Pam" and "She Came In Through the Bathroom Window."

  • 1971

    July 28, 1971:

    British musician George Harrison issues a non-album single titled "Bangla Desh".

  • 1972

    July 28, 1972:

    English singer and songwriter David Bowie drops a track named "All The Young Dudes."

  • 1987

    July 28, 1987:

    American rapper Ice-T drops his first studio album titled “Rhyme Pays”.

  • 1989

    July 28, 1989:

    The award-winning museum that showcases the incredible life and career of Canadian singer, Anne Murray opens.

  • 1992

    July 28, 1992:

    American R&B singer Mary J. Blige drops her debut studio album titled “What's The 411?”.

  • July 28, 1992:

    Canadian alternative rock group Barenaked Ladies drops their first full length album titled “Gordon”.

  • 2014

    July 28, 2014:

    American singer and actress Linda Ronstadt is honored with the National Medal of Arts by President Barack Obama.

  • 2020

    July 28, 2020:

    Q magazine, the cornerstone of rock journalism in the UK, ceases publication after 34 years.