The Famous Birthdays: Celebrity birthdays and famous people biographies

July 30th famous birthdays

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger (76)

American actor, professional bodybuilder and politician

Coco Bliss

Coco Bliss (22)

American social media star

Emily Skinner

Emily Skinner (21)

American actress

Young Lyric

Young Lyric (23)

American rapper

Henry Ford

Henry Ford (1863 - 1947)

American businessman and founder of the Ford Motor Company

Christopher Nolan

Christopher Nolan (53)

English director, screenwriter and producer

Milos Guzel

Milos Guzel (20)

Slovak TikTok star

GloZell Green

GloZell Green (51)

American YouTuber and rapper

Gina Rodriguez

Gina Rodriguez (39)

American actress

Terry Crews

Terry Crews (55)

American football player and actor

Ilani Pierre

Ilani Pierre (16)

American social media star

Lisa Kudrow

Lisa Kudrow (60)

American actress, writer and producer

Finneas O'Connell

Finneas O'Connell (26)

American actor and singer

Destroy Lonely

Destroy Lonely (22)

American rapper

Hilary Swank

Hilary Swank (49)

American actress

Austin North

Austin North (27)

American actor

Yvonne Strahovski

Yvonne Strahovski (41)

Australian actress

Simon Baker

Simon Baker (54)

Australian actor

Jaime Pressly

Jaime Pressly (46)

American actress

Street Bud

Street Bud (19)

American rapper

Sonu Nigam

Sonu Nigam (50)

Indian singer and actor

Kate Bush

Kate Bush (65)

English singer-songwriter and producer

Tammy Rivera

Tammy Rivera (37)

American reality star

Promise Phan

Promise Phan (34)

Nepalese YouTuber

Joey King

Joey King (24)

American actress

Paul Anka

Paul Anka (82)

Canadian singer-songwriter and actor

Christine Taylor

Christine Taylor (52)

American actress


IceJJFish (29)

American singer and rapper


TDPresents (29)

American YouTube star

Tom Green

Tom Green (52)

Canadian comedian and actor

April Bowlby

April Bowlby (43)

American actress

Vivica A. Fox

Vivica A. Fox (59)

American actress and producer

Cristian Oliveras

Cristian Oliveras (27)

American Instagram star

Jean Reno

Jean Reno (75)

Moroccan-French actor

Hope Solo

Hope Solo (42)

American soccer goalkeeper

Kristin Lauria

Kristin Lauria (28)

American YouTuber

Joe Tasker

Joe Tasker (30)

English YouTuber

Lucas Ovalle

Lucas Ovalle (23)

American internet star

Ice JJ Fish

Ice JJ Fish (29)

American internet personality, singer and rapper

Kristin Johns

Kristin Johns (28)

American YouTube star

Sarah Snyder

Sarah Snyder (28)

American Instagram star and model


EroldStory (26)

Canadian YouTuber and animator

Frank Stallone

Frank Stallone (73)

American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and actor


matthieu-lange (26)

French-South African internet star

Fleur Roberts

Fleur Roberts (21)

English internet star

Logan Morris

Logan Morris (25)

American YouNow star

Estefi Merelles

Estefi Merelles (19)

Mexican actress

Isabella Jones

Isabella Jones (24)

American Instagram star

Alton Brown

Alton Brown (61)

American chef, author, and producer

On this day

July 30 in History

  • 1898

    July 30, 1898:

    American industrialist, Will Kieth Kellogg creates Corn Flakes.

  • 1930

    July 30, 1930:

    The anthology series titled "Death Valley Days" is first aired on NBC Radio.

  • 1948

    July 30, 1948:

    DuMont, a primetime television network, becomes the first to telecast a professional wrestling fight.

  • 1954

    July 30, 1954:

    American singer, actor and musician Elvis Presley becomes a member of the Memphis Federation of Musicians.

  • 1956

    July 30, 1956:

    The official motto of the United States of America, "In God We Trust" is approved.

  • 1965

    July 30, 1965:

    English rock band, The Rolling Stones releases their 4th studio album titled “Out Of Our Heads”.

  • 1969

    July 30, 1969:

    KAEC Television Channel 19 begins broadcasting.

  • 1975

    July 30, 1975:

    Former Teamsters Union President, Jimmy Hoffa disappears from Detroit and his body yet to be found.

  • 1984

    July 30, 1984:

    American television soap opera titled "Santa Barbara" debuts on NBC TV.

  • 1996

    July 30, 1996:

    Rock band ‘Sublime’ issues their self-titled album which was produced by Paul Leary and David Kahne.

  • 2001

    July 30, 2001:

    American rock collective, The Strokes release their first studio album titled “Is This It”.

  • 2002

    July 30, 2002:

    American singer and songwriter, Bruce Springsteen drops his 12th studio album titled “The Rising.”

  • 2004

    July 30, 2004:

    American comedy film titled "Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle" premieres in the USA.