The Famous Birthdays: Celebrity birthdays and famous people biographies

June 29th famous birthdays

Camila Mendes

Camila Mendes (29)

American actress

Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger (45)

American singer, dancer

Zion Kuwonu

Zion Kuwonu (24)

Canadian singer

Dom Zeglaitis

Dom Zeglaitis (28)

Lithuanian YouTuber

Gary Busey

Gary Busey (79)

American actor

Joel Smallish Beans

Joel Smallish Beans (30)

British YouTube star

Colette Butler

Colette Butler (41)

American internet star

Kawhi Leonard

Kawhi Leonard (32)

American basketball player

Oliver Tree

Oliver Tree (30)

American singer

Anis Sienna

Anis Sienna (13)

American YouTuber

Ellie Ana

Ellie Ana (23)

American internet personality

Kia Pegg

Kia Pegg (23)

English actress

Adam G. Sevani

Adam G. Sevani (31)

American actor and dancer

Lily Rabe

Lily Rabe (41)

American stage and screen actress

Jordan Jones

Jordan Jones (33)

Australian soccer player


YuB (36)

American YouTuber

Abz Love

Abz Love (44)

English singer and DJ

Stokely Carmichael

Stokely Carmichael (1941 - 1998)

Trinidadian-American activist

Jackie Ybarra

Jackie Ybarra (23)

American TikTok star


TheGemini (23)

American TikTok

Addison Timlin

Addison Timlin (32)

American actress

Yann M'Vila

Yann M'Vila (33)

French footballer

Melora Hardin

Melora Hardin (56)

American actress and singer

Dennis Pitta

Dennis Pitta (38)

All-American college football player, professional football player, tight end


Milessdespair (22)

American social media star

Charlamagne Tha God

Charlamagne Tha God (45)

American radio presenter

Princess Andre

Princess Andre (16)

English reality star

Jules Alice

Jules Alice (16)

American YouTuber

Marlhy Murphy

Marlhy Murphy (21)

American musician and YouTuber

Jerry Rig Everything

Jerry Rig Everything (35)

American YouTuber

Tyler Ziegler

Tyler Ziegler (28)

American Instagram star

Bret McKenzie

Bret McKenzie (47)

New Zealand comedian, actor, musician, and producer

George Sampson

George Sampson (30)

English actor and dancer

DJ Shadow

DJ Shadow (51)

American musician, songwriter, and producer

Colin Jost

Colin Jost (41)

American comedian

Giorgio Napolitano

Giorgio Napolitano (98)

Italian politician, 11th List of Presidents of the Italian Republic|President of the Republic

Zuleikha Robinson

Zuleikha Robinson (46)

English actress

Samantha Smith

Samantha Smith (1972 - 1985)

American actress, author, and activist

Ana Heichel

Ana Heichel (21)

American TikTok star

Nicholas Latifi

Nicholas Latifi (28)

Canadian racing driver

Sauce Walka

Sauce Walka (33)

American rapper

Matthew Mercer

Matthew Mercer (41)

American actor

Michael Porter Jr.

Michael Porter Jr. (25)

American basketball player

Blair Dreelan

Blair Dreelan (39)

English singer

Ray Harryhausen

Ray Harryhausen (1920 - 2013)

American animator and producer

Matthew Weiner

Matthew Weiner (58)

American screenwriter

On this day

June 29 in History

  • 1534

    June 29, 1534:

    Prince Edward Island, located off Canada’s coast is discovered by Jacques Cartier, a French mariner.

  • 1613

    June 29, 1613:

    The Globe Theatre in London is accidentally burnt down by a canon during a performance of “Henry VIII” by Shakespeare.

  • 1958

    June 29, 1958:

    Brazil wins its first FIFA World Cup with Pelé emerging as the star of the tournament.

  • 1967

    June 29, 1967:

    A car crash kills American actress Jayne Mansfield.

  • June 29, 1967:

    Guitarist and songwriter Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones fame is sentenced to a year in prison for allowing cannabis to be smoked in his house.

  • 1972

    June 29, 1972:

    The United States Supreme Court rules the death penalty as unconstitutional.

  • 2001

    June 29, 2001:

    Celebrated Boston allergist Dirk Greineder is found guilty of the murder of his wife, Mabel.

  • June 29, 2001:

    The Steven Spielberg-directed film, “A.I. Artificial Intelligence” is released in theatres.

  • 2007

    June 29, 2007:

    The iPhone is released on the market for sale.

  • 2009

    June 29, 2009:

    Bernie Madoff, a hedge fund investment manager is sentenced to 150 years in prison for operating a Ponzi scheme.