The Famous Birthdays: Celebrity birthdays and famous people biographies

June 30th famous birthdays

Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson (55)

American boxer and actor

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini aka Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini aka Cheryl Cole (38)

English singer, dancer and model


jacksfilms (33)

American YouTube star

Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps (36)

American swimme

Lizzy Caplan

Lizzy Caplan (39)

American actress


TinaKitten (23)

South Korean Twitch star

Erin Gilfoy

Erin Gilfoy (30)

American internet star


Matisyahu (42)

American rapper and activist


YandereDev (33)

American game developer and YouTuber

Jackson Brazier

Jackson Brazier (28)

Australian Instagram star


Bbno$ (26)

Canadian rapper

Seth Abner

Seth Abner (26)

American eSports player

Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes (36)

American wrestler and actor

Fantasia Barrino

Fantasia Barrino (37)

American singer, actress, and author


Piques (34)

Canadian Instagram star

Lena Horne

Lena Horne (1917 - 2010)

American singer, dancer, and actress

Tianne King

Tianne King (33)

American dancer, actress, and internet personality

Yngwie Malmsteen

Yngwie Malmsteen (58)

Swedish musician

Willam Belli

Willam Belli (39)

American actor, drag queen and singer

Angela Raiola

Angela Raiola (1960 - 2016)

American reality star

Phil Anselmo

Phil Anselmo (53)

American musician

Hidaya Hijazi

Hidaya Hijazi (20)

American social media star

Monica Potter

Monica Potter (50)

American actress

Emmy Hartman

Emmy Hartman (22)

American social media star

Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello (21)

Chilean blogger and Instagram star

Niki Mahajan

Niki Mahajan (61)

Indian fashion designer

Andrew Barton

Andrew Barton (20)

English social media star

David Headley

David Headley (61)

Pakistani American terrorist accomplice

Lin Feng-Jiao

Lin Feng-Jiao (68)

Taiwanese actress


ImDavisss (20)

American gamer and YouTuber

Elliot Fletcher

Elliot Fletcher (25)

American actor

Cole Swindell

Cole Swindell (38)

American country singer

Dadi Freyr

Dadi Freyr (29)

Icelandic musician

Megan Camaerei

Megan Camaerei (20)

American Instagram star

Nicole Franzel

Nicole Franzel (29)

American reality star

Terry Funk

Terry Funk (77)

American wrestler and actor


CurlyPenny (26)

American social media star

Thomas Sowell

Thomas Sowell (91)

American economist, theorist, philosopher, and author

David Alan Grier

David Alan Grier (65)

American actor and comedian

Marton Csokas

Marton Csokas (55)

New Zealand actor

Rupert Graves

Rupert Graves (58)

English actor

Alicia Fox

Alicia Fox (35)

American wrestler and model

Emily Fernandez

Emily Fernandez (29)

American reality star

Nicole Row

Nicole Row (30)

American bassist

Tatian Mendoza

Tatian Mendoza (22)

American social media sar

Allari Naresh

Allari Naresh (39)

Tollywood Film Actor

Fredy Guarín

Fredy Guarín (35)

Colombian footballer

Jillian Webber

Jillian Webber (20)

American dancer and social media star

On this day

June 30 in History

  • 1859

    June 30, 1859:

    Tightrope walker and acrobat, Blondin makes his way across the Niagara Falls on a 49-metre high and 335-metre long tightrope.

  • 1893

    June 30, 1893:

    The largest uncut diamond to be found as of this year, the Excelsior diamond, is discovered at the Jagersfontein, Orange Free State mine called De Beer.

  • 1934

    June 30, 1934:

    Adolf Hitler orders the killing of various leaders of his party. The day of the killing later becomes known as Night of the Long Knives.

  • 1936

    June 30, 1936:

    The popular novel, “Gone with the Wind” by Margaret Mitchell is published.

  • 1938

    June 30, 1938:

    Superman is first seen in Action Comic issue #1 by DC Comics.

  • 1955

    June 30, 1955:

    “The Johnny Carson Show” makes its debut on CBS.

  • 1960

    June 30, 1960:

    Zaire (later to be known as the Democratic Republic of Congo) is declared independent of Belgian colonial rule.

  • 1989

    June 30, 1989:

    “Do the Right Thing”, a film written and directed by Spike Lee is released in theatres.

  • 1992

    June 30, 1992:

    The Boyz II Men single, “End of the Road” is released.

  • 2002

    June 30, 2002:

    Ronaldo leads Brazil to win its 5th FIFA World Cup tournament by scoring 2 goals against Germany.