The Famous Birthdays: Celebrity birthdays and famous people biographies
March 16th famous birthdays
Blake Griffin

Blake Griffin (30)

American basketball player

James Madison

James Madison (1751 - 1836)

American politician, 4th President of the United States

Jerry Lewis

Jerry Lewis (1926 - 2017)

American comedian

Theo Walcott

Theo Walcott (30)

English footballer

Alexandra Daddario

Alexandra Daddario (33)

American actress and model

Lauren Graham

Lauren Graham (52)

American actress

Flavor Flav

Flavor Flav (60)

American rapper

Victor Garber

Victor Garber (70)

Canadian actor

Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen (1969 - 2010)

British fashion designer

Tsutomu Yamaguchi

Tsutomu Yamaguchi (1916 - 2010)

Japanese businessman, and survivor of Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombings

Richard Stallman

Richard Stallman (66)

American free software activist and computer programmer

Sienna Guillory

Sienna Guillory (44)

British actress

Brooke Burns

Brooke Burns (41)

American actress

Simon Zebo

Simon Zebo (29)

Irish rugby union player

Maher Zain

Maher Zain (38)

Swedish Musician of Lebanese origin

Todd McFarlane

Todd McFarlane (58)

Canadian comic book artist, writer and media entrepreneur

Erik Estrada

Erik Estrada (70)

American actor

Isabelle Huppert

Isabelle Huppert (66)

French actress

Ozzie Newsome

Ozzie Newsome (63)

American football player

Tim Kang

Tim Kang (46)

American actor

Patty Griffin

Patty Griffin (55)

American singer-songwriter

Mark Carney

Mark Carney (54)

Governor of the Bank of Canada

Blu Cantrell

Blu Cantrell (43)

American singer-songwriter

Gore Verbinski

Gore Verbinski (55)

American movie director

Wolfgang Van Halen

Wolfgang Van Halen (28)

American bass guitarist

Jimmy Nail

Jimmy Nail (65)

British actor and singer

Judah Friedlander

Judah Friedlander (50)

American actor and comedian

Traudl Junge

Traudl Junge (1920 - 2002)

German secretary to Adolf Hitler

Chuck Woolery

Chuck Woolery (78)

American game show host

Brett Davern

Brett Davern (36)

American actor

Ken Doane

Ken Doane (33)

American professional wrestler

Clifton Powell

Clifton Powell (63)

American actor and comedian

Matthew Flinders

Matthew Flinders (1774 - 1814)

British navigator and cartographer

Andrew S. Tanenbaum

Andrew S. Tanenbaum (75)

American Computer Science Professor and author

Jens Stoltenberg

Jens Stoltenberg (60)

Norwegian politician, Prime Minister of Norway

Leo McKern

Leo McKern (1920 - 2002)

Australian actor

Rodney Peete

Rodney Peete (53)

American football player

Nick Spano

Nick Spano (43)

American actor

Belén Rueda

Belén Rueda (54)

Spanish actress

Caroline Herschel

Caroline Herschel (1750 - 1848)

German-born astronomer

Hosea Gear

Hosea Gear (35)

New Zealand rugby union player

Ray Benson

Ray Benson (68)

Singer, Songwriter, Producer

Art Linson

Art Linson (2019)

Screenwriter, film director, film producer