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May 12th famous birthdays

Summer McKeen

Summer McKeen (23)

American YouTube star

Mikey Murphy

Mikey Murphy (24)

American YouTuber

Cuban Doll

Cuban Doll (24)

American rapper and internet personality

Daequan Loco

Daequan Loco (28)

American YouTube and Twitch star

George Carlin

George Carlin (1937 - 2008)

American comedian, actor, and author

Emily VanCamp

Emily VanCamp (36)

Canadian actress

Emilio Estevez

Emilio Estevez (60)

American actor


DraconiteDragon (24)

Canadian YouTube star

Sierra Dallas

Sierra Dallas (32)

American internet personality

Malin Åkerman

Malin Åkerman (44)

Swedish-Canadian actress and model


Etika (1990 - 2019)

American YouTuber

Charlotte Roberts

Charlotte Roberts (19)

English TikTok star

Stephen Baldwin

Stephen Baldwin (56)

American actor

Ving Rhames

Ving Rhames (63)

American actor

Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk (54)

American skateboarder

Cyprien Iov

Cyprien Iov (33)

French YouTuber

Trinity Rose Likins

Trinity Rose Likins (16)

Canadian actress

Jaxson Anderson

Jaxson Anderson (20)

American TikTok star

Julius Rosenberg

Julius Rosenberg (1918 - 1953)

American actress, singer, and spy

Catherine Tate

Catherine Tate (54)

English comedian, actress, and writer

Jason Biggs

Jason Biggs (44)

American actor


Micahcow (21)

American TikTok star

Duncan Ballinger

Duncan Ballinger (5)

American YouTuber

Burt Bacharach

Burt Bacharach (94)

American pianist, composer, and producer

Young Ezee

Young Ezee (29)

American social media star

Yogi Berra

Yogi Berra (1925 - 2015)

American baseball player

Cory LeRoy

Cory LeRoy (43)

American social media star

Steve Winwood

Steve Winwood (74)

English singer-songwriter

Bruce Boxleitner

Bruce Boxleitner (72)

American actor

Samantha Mathis

Samantha Mathis (52)

American actress

Kenton Duty

Kenton Duty (27)

American actor

Otto Frank

Otto Frank (1889 - 1980)

German businessman and Holocaust victim, father of Anne Frank

Rami Malek

Rami Malek (41)

American actor

Priscilla Barrera

Priscilla Barrera (19)

American social media personality

Rio Sage

Rio Sage (25)

American actress

Cara Maria Sorbello

Cara Maria Sorbello (36)

American reality star

Mohamed Bamba

Mohamed Bamba (24)

American basketball player

Deborah Kara Unger

Deborah Kara Unger (56)

Canadian actress

Ian Dury

Ian Dury (1942 - 2000)

English singer-songwriter, bandleader, and actor

Luke Benward

Luke Benward (27)

American actor

Cleopatra Dues

Cleopatra Dues (23)

American social media star

Kim Fields

Kim Fields (53)

American actress

Kamryn Smith

Kamryn Smith (11)

American dancer

On this day

May 12 in History

  • 1588

    May 12, 1588:

    Henry III, King of France, flees Paris after Henry I, Duke of Guise’s entry into the city resulted in the Day of Barricades (the unplanned public uprising against Henry III’s policies).

  • 1640

    May 12, 1640:

    Thomas Wentworth, 1st Earl of Strafford and chief advisor to King Charles, I is executed.

  • 1780

    May 12, 1780:

    The British are successful in their siege of Charleston, South Carolina, after American general, Benjamin Lincoln surrenders his troops.

  • 1926

    May 12, 1926:

    The first undisputed flight over the North Pole is undertaken on Norge, a semi-rigid airship. This is achieved by Roald Amundsen, a Norwegian explorer; Lincoln Ellsworth, an American polar explorer; and Umberto Nobile, an Italian aeronautic engineer.

  • 1937

    May 12, 1937:

    George VI’s coronation as the King of the United Kingdom and the British Dominions takes place at Westminster Abbey five months after he ascended the throne following his brother, Edward VIII’s abdication.

  • 1949

    May 12, 1949:

    The Soviet Union ends the Berlin Blockade after 323 days.

  • 1972

    May 12, 1972:

    The Rolling Stones release their double album titled “Exile on Main Street”.

  • 2002

    May 12, 2002:

    Jimmy Carter becomes the first US President to visit Cuba since Fidel Castro’s revolution of 1959.

  • 2008

    May 12, 2008:

    The Sichuan earthquake strikes, resulting in the loss of over 90,000 lives.