The Famous Birthdays: Celebrity birthdays and famous people biographies

May 15th famous birthdays

Chase Hudson

Chase Hudson (19)

American YouTuber

Inanna Sarkis

Inanna Sarkis (28)

Canadian YouTuber

Meg DeAngelis

Meg DeAngelis (26)

Canadian YouTuber

Madhuri Dixit

Madhuri Dixit (54)

Indian actress

Andy Murray

Andy Murray (34)

Scottish tennis player


Smokepurpp (24)

American rapper

Dyler Tv

Dyler Tv (20)

Saudi Arabian YouTuber

Reeve Meloche

Reeve Meloche (15)

American internet star

Sarah Hunt

Sarah Hunt (16)

American dancer

Brian Eno

Brian Eno (73)

English singer-songwriter, musician, and producer

Jamie-Lynn Sigler

Jamie-Lynn Sigler (40)

American actress and singer

Ray Lewis

Ray Lewis (46)

American football player

Hala Al Turk

Hala Al Turk (19)

Bahraini singer

Jackson Mahomes

Jackson Mahomes (21)

American social media star

Landon Dowlatsingh

Landon Dowlatsingh (31)

Canadian internet star

Stella Maxwell

Stella Maxwell (31)

Irish-New Zealand model

Madeleine Albright

Madeleine Albright (84)

Czech-American politician, 64th United States Secretary of State

Leek Jack

Leek Jack (24)

American rapper and social media star

Patrice Evra

Patrice Evra (40)

French footballer

Trinity Inay

Trinity Inay (21)

American dancer

Mollee Gray

Mollee Gray (30)

American dancer

Grant Heslov

Grant Heslov (58)

American actor and director

Ryan Leaf

Ryan Leaf (45)

American football player

Ryan Manick

Ryan Manick (20)

American TikTok star

David Krumholtz

David Krumholtz (43)

American actor

Lee Jong-hyun

Lee Jong-hyun (31)

South Korean musician

Emmitt Smith

Emmitt Smith (52)

American football player

Jasper Johns

Jasper Johns (91)

American painter

Owen Holt

Owen Holt (19)

American social media star

Zara Phillips

Zara Phillips (40)

English royal and horse rider

Mike Oldfield

Mike Oldfield (68)

English musician, songwriter, and producer

Kévin Constant

Kévin Constant (34)

French-born Guinean footballer

Chazz Palminteri

Chazz Palminteri (69)

American actor, writer, and director

Jessica Sutta

Jessica Sutta (39)

American singer, dancer, and actress

Ron Simmons

Ron Simmons (63)

American wrestler and football player

Prescott Bush

Prescott Bush (1895 - 1972)

American banker and politician


JesusBoiii (19)

American TikTok star

Klemens von Metternich

Klemens von Metternich (1773 - 1859)

German-Austrian politician and statesman

Kathleen Sebelius

Kathleen Sebelius (73)

American politician

Caroline Dhavernas

Caroline Dhavernas (43)

Canadian actress

Alex Breckenridge

Alex Breckenridge (39)

American actress

David Charvet

David Charvet (49)

French actor

Jasmin Brown

Jasmin Brown (32)

American actress and comedian

Shiney Ahuja

Shiney Ahuja (48)

Indian actor

Pierre Curie

Pierre Curie (1859 - 1906)

French physicist, Nobel Prize laureate

Sophie Raworth

Sophie Raworth (53)

English newsreader

Lainie Kazan

Lainie Kazan (81)

American actress and singer

On this day

May 15 in History

  • 1886

    May 15, 1886:

    Emily Dickinson, one of the most important American poets of all time, dies.

  • 1928

    May 15, 1928:

    Mickey Mouse is seen on-screen for the first time through “Plane Crazy”, a silent film.

  • 1930

    May 15, 1930:

    Boeing 80A takes off with Ellen Church as the world’s first female flight attendant.

  • 1940

    May 15, 1940:

    The first McDonald’s restaurant opens in San Bernardino, California by entrepreneurs and brothers, Maurice and Richard McDonald.

  • 1991

    May 15, 1991:

    Edith Cresson becomes France’s first female Prime Minister.

  • 2001

    May 15, 2001: R. Kelly releases his Jay-Z-featured single, “Fiesta”.
  • 2003

    May 15, 2003: Five-time Grammy-winning singer June Carter Cash dies.
  • 2004

    May 15, 2004:

    “Shrek 2” premieres at the Cannes Film Festival.

  • 2010

    May 15, 2010:

    Chelsea Football Club beats Portsmouth FC and wins its sixth English FA Cup title.