The Famous Birthdays: Celebrity birthdays and famous people biographies

November 17th famous birthdays

Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams (43)

Canadian actress


Logan Thirtyacre (25)

American YouTube star and actor

Danny DeVito

Danny DeVito (75)

American actor, director and producer

Martin Scorsese

Martin Scorsese (77)

American director, screenwriter and producer

Jeff Buckley

Jeff Buckley (1966 - 1997)

American singer and songwriter


RuPaul (59)

American drag queen, singer and TV host

Sophie Marceau

Sophie Marceau (53)

French actress

John Boehner

John Boehner (70)

American politician


Nani (33)

Portuguese football player

Zoë Bell

Zoë Bell (41)

New Zealand actress and stuntwoman

Susan Rice

Susan Rice (55)

American diplomat

Harry Lloyd

Harry Lloyd (36)

English actor

Yolanda King

Yolanda King (1955 - 2007)

Daughter of Martin Luther King, Jr.


Sada Baby (27)

American rapper and DJ


Sydney Smith (21)

American social media star

Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio

Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio (61)

American actress and singer

Sarah Harding

Sarah Harding (38)

English singer-songwriter, dancer, and actress

Stephen Root

Stephen Root (68)

American actor


Ronnie DeVoe (52)

American singer

Diane Neal

Diane Neal (43)

American actress

Dean Paul Martin

Dean Paul Martin (1951 - 1987)

American singer, actor, and tennis player

Rem Koolhaas

Rem Koolhaas (75)

Dutch architect

Howard Dean

Howard Dean (71)

American physician and politician, 79th Governor of Vermont

Peter Cook

Peter Cook (1937 - 1995)

English comedian and actor

Ryan Braun

Ryan Braun (36)

American baseball player

Daisy Fuentes

Daisy Fuentes (53)

Cuban model and actress

Isaac Hanson

Isaac Hanson (39)

American singer-songwriter and guitarist

Gemini Ganesan

Gemini Ganesan (1920 - 2005)

Indian film actor (Tamil Nadu

Lauren Hutton

Lauren Hutton (76)

American actress

Jonathan Ross

Jonathan Ross (59)

British presenter

Kimya Dawson

Kimya Dawson (47)

American singer-songwriter and guitarist

Dylan Walsh

Dylan Walsh (56)

American actor

Azita Ghanizada

Azita Ghanizada (40)

American actor

Luke Kelly

Luke Kelly (1940 - 1984)

Irish singer and banjo player

Brandon Call

Brandon Call (43)

American actor

Tom Seaver

Tom Seaver (75)

American baseball player

Elvin Hayes

Elvin Hayes (74)

American basketball player

Soichiro Honda

Soichiro Honda (1906 - 1991)

Japanese businessman

Gene Clark

Gene Clark (1944 - 1991)

American singer-songwriter

William R. Moses

William R. Moses (60)

American actor

Reggie Wayne

Reggie Wayne (41)

American football player, wide receiver

Richard Fortus

Richard Fortus (53)

American guitarist


Arman (1928 - 2005)

French-American painter and sculptor

Eugene Wigner

Eugene Wigner (1902 - 1995)

Hungarian physicist and mathematician