The Famous Birthdays: Celebrity birthdays and famous people biographies

November 8th famous birthdays


DanTDM (30)

British YouTuber

Hannah Rylee

Hannah Rylee (19)

American TikTok star

Aaron Swartz

Aaron Swartz (1986 - 2013)

American computer programmer and hacktivist

Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay (55)

Scottish chef and TV personality

Jade Pettyjohn

Jade Pettyjohn (21)

American actress

Nick Mara

Nick Mara (24)

American singer and dancer

Matilda Ramsay

Matilda Ramsay (20)

American reality star and TV presenter

Erica Mena

Erica Mena (34)

American model


Sza (31)

American singer

Tara Reid

Tara Reid (46)

American actress

Jack Riyn

Jack Riyn (19)

American TikTok star

Connor Cain

Connor Cain (16)

American actor

Lesane Casino

Lesane Casino (29)

American rapper

Jasmine Orlando

Jasmine Orlando (19)

American TikTok star

Tech N9ne

Tech N9ne (50)

American rapper and businessman

Jasmine Thompson

Jasmine Thompson (21)

English singer

Pooh Shiesty

Pooh Shiesty (22)

American rapper

Tayson Madkour

Tayson Madkour (19)

American Instagram star

Dallin Lambert

Dallin Lambert (28)

American YouTuber

Parker Sopo Squad

Parker Sopo Squad (10)

American YouTube star

Jeremiah Perkins

Jeremiah Perkins (21)

American actor

Alyssa Mikesell

Alyssa Mikesell (20)

American YouTuber

Minnie Riperton

Minnie Riperton (1947 - 1979)

American singer and songwriter

Alain Delon

Alain Delon (86)

French actor

Martha Gellhorn

Martha Gellhorn (1908 - 1998)

American writer and war correspondent

Masashi Kishimoto

Masashi Kishimoto (47)

Japanese illustrator

Bonnie Raitt

Bonnie Raitt (72)

American singer, songwriter and guitarist

Sophie Kasaei

Sophie Kasaei (32)

English reality star

Cornell Ross

Cornell Ross (31)

American social media star

Lauren Alaina

Lauren Alaina (27)

American singer

Parker Posey

Parker Posey (53)

American actress

Wayne LaPierre

Wayne LaPierre (72)

American businessman, author, and activist

Dania Ramirez

Dania Ramirez (42)

Dominican actress

Gretchen Mol

Gretchen Mol (49)

American actress

Riker Lynch

Riker Lynch (30)

American singer-songwriter, bass player, and actor

Leif Garrett

Leif Garrett (60)

American singer and actor

Richard Curtis

Richard Curtis (65)

English actor, screenwriter, director, and producer

Laura Jane Grace

Laura Jane Grace (41)

American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer

Jack Osbourne

Jack Osbourne (36)

English actor and producer

Lady Louise Windsor

Lady Louise Windsor (18)

English daughter of Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex

Giancarlo Stanton

Giancarlo Stanton (32)

American baseball player

José Manuel Pinto

José Manuel Pinto (46)

Spanish footballer

Luís Fabiano

Luís Fabiano (41)

Brazilian footballer

Lynndie England

Lynndie England (39)

American soldier

Alfre Woodard

Alfre Woodard (69)

American actress

Christie Hefner

Christie Hefner (69)

American businesswoman

Guus Hiddink

Guus Hiddink (75)

Dutch footballer and manager

L. K. Advani

L. K. Advani (94)

Indian politician, 7th Deputy Prime Minister of India

Dorothy Day

Dorothy Day (1897 - 1980)

American journalist and activist

On this day

November 8 in History

  • 1602

    November 8, 1602:

    The University of Oxford’s main research library, the Bodleian Library is opened.

  • 1837

    November 8, 1837:

    Mount Holyoke College opens in Massachusetts as the Mount Holyoke Female Seminary, making it one of the first all-female institutions of higher education in the United States.

  • 1895

    November 8, 1895:

    German mechanical engineer and physicist Wilhelm Röntgen discovers X-rays.

  • 1951

    November 8, 1951:

    Baseball player Yogi Berra is named the American League’s Most Valuable Player.

  • 1956

    November 8, 1956:

    The Arent-Roland, a comet exceptional for its second tail which projects towards the sun, is discovered.

  • 1962

    November 8, 1962:

    The epic historical drama film, “Mutiny on the Bounty” is released in the United States.

  • 1966

    November 8, 1966:

    Film star Ronald Reagan wins the gubernatorial elections, becoming the Governor of California.

  • 1970

    November 8, 1970:

    Actor Dennis Hopper and singer Michelle Williams separate after just eight days of marriage.

  • 1972

    November 8, 1972:

    The American television network, HBO makes its broadcasting debut by airing the film, “Sometimes a Great Notion”. 

  • 2013

    November 8, 2013:

    A powerful cyclone nicknamed Super Typhoon Haiyan strikes and destroys lives and property in the Philippines.